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What To Wear When Checking Out Venues

Wedding is indeed an event in one’s life worth to remember for a long time. Sure as the bride to be, what you want is that you will look perfect on this day, wearing the best wedding dress available, hair and makeup that will enhance your beauty even more, and accessories to die for.

Looking good at your wedding is just only one of the many things you have to consider, there are so many things to think about your wedding. Even if you hire a wedding coordinator, you are not exempted from arranging, organizing, and deciding some parts of the wedding preparation.

One of the first things you have to work on with your partner is the venue. Which wedding venue would you like to consider? With the many options available, finding the right one may not be the easiest. Visiting them one by one is highly recommended to ensure that the venue where you will hold this momentous event is perfect to adhere to all your requirements and preference.

Just to make the trip and ocular checking easier, wearing the right clothing is a must. If up until now you are not sure what to wear, here are some tips you may want to consider.

Attire to Wear When Checking Out Venues

So, what attire is best to wear when checking out wedding venues? Here it is:

  • Dress up a little – but nothing too fancy

Dressing up like you are attending a cocktail party is a good idea during venue tours. This can make you look professional and makes you feel confident. You do not need to wear long gowns and tux and apply heavy makeup. As long as you look formal and serious with what you do, it is all good. And besides, some venue attendants value their customers based on how they dress.

Also, looking for good months before your wedding is a good idea.

  • Showcase your style

Dress up freely and make sure that your style will show off. Do not give yourself a hard time deciding which dress to wear, visit your closet, and wear your favorite attire. Also, if you already have a theme in your mind, you could wear something related to your theme and color. While at the venue, capture photos of yourself and see how your chosen theme matches the venue.

  • Make sure that you are wearing a comfortable pair of shoes

Expect that most of the time while on the tour, you and your partner are walking. Walking in high heels or too-tight shoes may not be the most ideal. Going up and down the stairs, walking around the parking area, etc. You would not want to stop your ocular inspection just because your feet are already aching.

Also, if you are expecting grassy areas outdoor, you can opt for flat shoes or a wedge to avoid getting stuck. Also, if you are expecting a snowy or rainy day, bring boots and a pair of extra shoes.

  • Check out for any dress code policy

Just to make sure you will be allowed to enter the vicinity, ask if they are running a certain dress code. You, together with your partner or any companion should adhere to that. Some venues, especially those formal ones, may not require slippers, spaghetti strap clothes, etc. You have to make sure you know their policy so you do not need to go back and forth to change clothes.

If this information is not available on their website, you are free to give them a call to ask. Do not assume that if it is not announced, they have no policy being followed. To be on the safer side, ask.

  • Be very careful when you are in the venue while there is another wedding being held

If you are only available during weekends, except that the site might be occupied. You may or may not be allowed to sneak in, but just in case the celebrants are too nice, make sure that you will be very careful when roaming around the area. Also, you may want to know if they have a specific dress code or theme so you can adhere to it. It may not be the most convenient but giving respect to the newly wedded couple is a must.

To avoid wasted time, it is best if you ask the venue organizer if they allow touring even if there is an event going on.

Tip: if you have free time, it is best to do an ocular inspection when there is no one using the venue.

  • Consider the season

Make sure that you consider the season before checking out the outfit you will wear on the venue tour. Even if it is an indoor wedding, expect that you will still go out and check the facilities they have outside like parking, garden, etc. Wear attire appropriate to the season, if you are boiling and freezing, you cannot focus on things you have to look out for. Instead of touring around, you will end up inside the vicinity.

Other Tips To Consider

Apart from your attire, here are some other things you need to consider:

  • Bring a camera

Just to make sure you would remember every corner of the venue, take as many photos as possible. Although, you need to ask permission before doing so as not all venues allow people from taking photos of their place.

  • Bring a smaller and lighter bag

You do not want to have a heavyweight at your shoulder or hand when touring. Bring a smaller and lighter bag so you can move around freely without any hindrances.

  • Go home before signing a contract

Even if you find the venue very beautiful, going home and thinking about it overnight is a good idea before officially signing a contract.

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Photo by Samantha Gades

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