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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Where And When To Go For An Adventure Honeymoon

Time to remove your best wedding dress has now come and adorned yourself in an outfit in readiness for your adventurous honeymoon. Once the cake has been cut, and the DJ has left the wedding reception, it is time for the best bit of the wedding, which is your honeymoon. If you are an adventurous type, you will want to go for a honeymoon that will make you adventure the world.

The following are some of the places, depending on what time of the year it is, you can go and enjoy your honeymoon.

  • Honeymoon in January: Argentina

It is best for those independent travelers. If you are the type of couple who have ideas about beach holidays, then you might love it heading to Argentina. It is a place for a severe adventure such as wine tasting, riding, hiking. There will be no two days on your honeymoon, which will be the same.

A lot of adventure to the extend that, by the time your two weeks of honeymoon are over, there is no single day you will have repeated the same adventure, and there will be a lot more that you will not have experienced.

In January, there is great weather from the North to the South of Argentina. You will have an opportunity to sip some of the best wines in the vineyards of Mendoza, allow yourself to get lost in the wilderness of Andean, ensure that you keep each other warm in Spot Whales and Patagonia on the world’s edge. It will be an epic way to start your life together.

  • Honeymoon in February: Thailand

It is best for those who love wildlife. The tropical islands of Thailand and the beaches full of white sand are the desert island stuff for your honeymoon. If you want to experience the Robinson Crusoe, then you need to try out South Thailand during February.

The weather tends to fluctuate throughout the country, but as far as beach weather is concerned, you will have to avoid April through to October if you want to visit the west coast, and September through to December if you want to enjoy the east coast.

If you experience itchiness after exposing yourself to the sun for a few days, no need to worry. There is a lot in Thailand than just the sandy stuff; you can be offered a community-based experience that will introduce you to communities which you are visiting for a Thailand experience that is meaningful.

In Thailand, you can even opt for staying with a local family to learn about Thailand’s culture and traditions. If your interest is more about wildlife, then you have the option of spending some time at the National Park at Kui Buri, where you will meet a lot of monkeys and elephants.

  • Honeymoon in March: Cuba

It is best for beach lovers and those who like to chill out of the city. You will have a city break with a difference. It will give you an opportunity to spend your honeymoon soaked up in Havana’s old-world glamour in a Cadillac. You can drink in bars that are Hemingway approved, as you follow the rumba sound through the streets that are tutti-frutti.

When it comes to your wardrobe, December to April is sunny, dry weather in Cuba. If you want to enjoy more, you can venture deep into the countryside of Cuba, which is vibrant. If not, you can decide to stick to some ready-made itinerary that you might have prepared with your travel agent who can customize it to fit your needs.

If you are a cigar lover, go venturing into the Vinales region. Apart from getting a little local, and learning the best way to roll cigars on your own, it is beneficial to the local community when you buy directly from the local farmers, while at the same time, you will get the best quality.

  • Honeymoon in April: Costa Rica

It is best if you are an eco adventurer. Being a little country, Costa Rica has a big heart with brooding volcanoes, thick jungles, and beaches that are deserted packed with small spaces. If both of you are about going barefooted with nature, then this might be the best sustainable way to go.

In April, it is the dry season’s tail end when there are no crowds. Try diving straight and visit the La Fortuna Volcano and stay in the Arenal National Park, which is an observatory park.  It is where your wake up call is the sound of the jungle.

When it comes to sustainability, Costa Rica is very serious about it with more effort and very keen to share the same with its visitors. Most of the locals are involved in tourism. To best benefit, the local community and the incredible biodiversity and wildlife, ensure you follow their guide on how to remain eco-friendly.

  • Honeymoon in May: Bhutan

It is best for scenery and hikers. You might be knowing less or nothing about Bhutan, and that could be the beauty of it all.  It is a country half-hidden in the shadows of China and India. When you are there, time seems to be stagnant, moving in the corner of Asia.

If you are the type that likes discovering new things and places, visiting Bhutan on your honeymoon could the best thing that you can do. You will be able to admire the monasteries of the ancient Buddhists, stay on a Bhutanese farm with a local family and take a hike at the Monastery at the Tiger’s Nest, which is a Bhutan icon that balances 3000 meters above the valley of Paro.

It is not a random holiday type, as you will need to plan your travel to Bhutan with the local travel agent’s guides and drivers. Bhutan seems to be great during the spring.  If you are visiting the Inner Himalayas, then be ready for temperature fluctuations between night and day.  You will have to befriend your guide, pack layers, and prepare for a new adventure.

For the rest of the months, what to expect, and where to go, check the bride’s survival guide.


Photo by Artem Beliaikin


Photo by Jonathan Borba

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