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Where To Go For Honeymoon Depending On The Season And Month

Where To Go For Honeymoon Depending On The Season And Month

If you plan your honeymoon by month, then it is not automatic that it will happen immediately after your wedding day. It might allow you time to preserve your wedding dress , sort out vendors, and much more as you wait for the right time to go to your honeymoon destination. Where to go for honeymoon depending on the season and month?

If you are a budget-conscious couple, it might be great if you travel during the off-season. This way, you save money on your prime honeymoon destination. As you travel during your off-season, know that it is not a new concept. Especially for young couples who are still paying for their student loans, saving for the future as they feed their wanderlust. So when going through the best by month honeymoon destinations, you must remember all that.

To ensure that you enjoy your wedding day as you save money, consider these ideas on where to go for honeymoon depending on the season and month!

  • New York: Best destination for honeymoon in January

Though it is known to be a city that never sleeps, after the holiday craze, it normally takes a little winter break. This will make the city of New York to be the right one in January for your honeymoon. January is the month when you can easily find intimacy and calmness in New York. Big Apple tends to attract tourists with its frosted windows, Christmas trees that are oversized, and a lot of other holiday celebrations from the world over.

Where To Go For Honeymoon Depending On The Season And Month

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You have to be forewarned that, temperatures will be frozen and, thus, a need to bundle up in order to keep warm. You will enjoy romantic freshly fallen snow found in Central Park or even from the hotel where you are staying. Also, you will catch a broadway show while dressed in your winter best.

Irrespective of the palette you and your partner like, there are a variety of dining options. From Michelin star restaurants in midtown to cheap soup dumplings in Chinatown, they will all give you a culinary experience worth your honeymoon.

When it comes to where to stay, then indulging in luxury will be best if it is done in Manhattan. With all the taxi horns, bells, and whistles, The Conrad in New York might make you feel as if you are super special during your honeymoon. With the Hudson River views, turndown service, a rainfall shower, and much more, you will have bliss.

  • Venice: The best destination for a honeymoon in February

In this Italian riverside town, there is indeed charm that offers a unique experience as compared to other honeymoon destinations. In late October up to March, it is Venice’s off-season. Thus, you will experience cold weather. But you should be ready to encounter a whimsical mood that remains enchanting.

And considering that you are on your honeymoon and most of the time you should spend wrapped together, you might not mind spending less time in the outdoors. Ensure to keep a keen eye for glass blowing excursions, which will definitely add some cultural flavor to your Venice honeymoon. You have also to sample the local desserts and pasta. They will definitely warm you through the chilly weather through St. Marks and beyond.

When choosing a place to stay in Venice, you will have options. As a child, when you dreamt about your fairytale honeymoon, it was surrounded by more castles as compared to hotels.  It is the scenario that you will find in the Lagoon of Venice. While in your suite, you will enjoy nighttime and daytime views of Venice. In the future, you can come back with your children and share the magic in Italy.

  • Argentina: The best honeymoon destination in March

The reason why Argentina is referred to as the wet season around March is that the weather is cold. If you plan to go for your honeymoon in March to Argentina, then your registry should include just married jackets.

Even with the showers and clouds, beautiful sights and natural wonders of the landscape of Argentina are worth enjoying. To get the best of both worlds, you should consider spending some time in Buenos Aires. You can rent a car to go to Uco Valley, which is just northwest of the Mendoza wine region.

After you are through with dancing the entire night at the several lounges and clubs in Buenos Aires, the buzz and ease of wine-sipping with the Andes near will be heavenly with your spouse nearby.

When it comes to where to stay, go to Casa de Uco Resort.  It is a 790-acre estate that has nine suites and seven rooms and bungalows. However, it boasts of all the amenities you might require during your honeymoon stay. Regardless of where you book, you will enjoy an outdoor whirlpool Jacuzzi and a private terrace.


Moreover, you can sample the wine and even carry home a customized bottle to celebrate your new marriage. Are you in need of some adventure? Then get moving to the nearby trails where you will be able to mountain bike in the Andes!

  • South Africa: The best honeymoon destination in April

Has experiencing and witnessing the wildlife and bushes of South Africa been on your mind when planning for your honeymoon? With the offseason, which might be wetter, but then, the animals will be frequent and visible.

After the summer is over, when the kids in South Africa have resumed school, and when the rain is falling, it might be the best time to visit South Africa! You will get cheaper rates on your trip to one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

You will be able to enjoy game reserves, go on a safari, and end up staying in a resort in Cape Town.

There are a variety of destinations where to go for honeymoon depending on the season and month. During the offseason, that is the right time to visit some of the great honeymoon destinations while on a budget. To get more information regarding where to go for honeymoon depending on the season and month, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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