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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Where To Source Wedding Gowns

One of the things that brides go wild and crazy about during wedding preparation is the wedding gown they will wear. Of course, it is their day, hence it is only necessary that the gown they will wear can put them in the spotlight.

One of the major mistakes brides-to-be commit is assuming that one style of gown fits all. They think that if a gown looks good to one, it will look good on her too. It is possible, but not all the time.

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Moving on, if you are in the middle of finding the best wedding gown to wear, fret no more as there are many places to source wedding gowns.

Places to buy wedding gowns

Earlier the bride’s options were limited to a few shops, but as the technology progressed, brides-to-be are now given tons of ways to shop their wedding gowns and this they can do even at the comfort of their own homes.

This is a guide brides can use to ensure that they have sourced all possible ways to find the best wedding gown for them.

  • Online shops

This shopping behavior is not only the most convenient way of shopping, as through online shops you can get the widest options of wedding gowns, even gowns made from different parts of the world.

This is perfect for brides who are so busy jumping from their work to their domestic responsibilities and their wedding preparations. Online shopping gives them the privilege to shop gowns anytime they are available, and anywhere they want.

One of the drawbacks of online shopping is not being able to see the item before you make an actual purchase. Some online shoppers are disappointed with what they receive as their expectations, based on online photos, are far from what the item looks like in actual.

To ensure that you will not end up wasting your money and time, it is best if you check on the integrity of the seller or the online shop before placing orders.

  • From a seamstress

If what you want is a wedding gown that would complement your body shape and size, hiring a couturier is a good idea. This can be more expensive than many other options but this is what you are looking for if you are looking for perfection.

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Hiring a seamstress will only give you a perfectly fit gown but they can also make your dream wedding dress a reality. They will focus on what you want to see and they will design your gown with all your expectations in mind. Worry not as much as not all couturiers charge the same, some charge cheaper yet they create equally beautiful gowns. You are also free to negotiate with them.

  • From a regular clothing store

Yes, you read it right. You can buy a wedding gown in a regular clothing store. If there is no requirement on what gown to wear on your wedding, you can choose the simplest or the grandest and elegant gown; you can choose to wear a simple white dress or a beige long gown. The decision is all yours to make.

There are many dresses from a regular clothing store you can wear on your big day, anyway, it is your day so there is no one better to decide on what you will wear than yourself. But needless to say, you have to stick with your wedding theme.

  • From a vintage or thrift shop

Sure, why not go vintage on your wedding day? Shopping at a vintage or thrift shop is not only cheaper but can also give you a nostalgic feeling. Some vintage shops sell vintage wedding gowns, and these gowns are not as expensive as those you see on high-end wedding dress shops. Although alterations and a few enhancements may be necessary, so checking earlier is best. Going old and bold is never a bad thing for weddings.

  • Second-hand shop

You are not required to buy a brand new wedding dress, visiting second-hand shops can also be considered when sourcing out wedding gowns. Same as with vintage shops, you have to do your shopping earlier as these ready to wear dresses may not fit you perfectly.

If this is where you want to shop, it is best to check the dress very carefully before buying, as there could be stains on the cloth that are not possible to remove or damage that is beyond repairable.

  • From your closet

Yes, your closet can be a place where you can find a perfect wedding dress. This is the cheapest option as alterations are not necessary since the dress suits you right, same as with the style. If you are not satisfied with your closet, you can visit your sisters, your mother or even your grandmother’s closet.

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