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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Why Go for a Country Wedding

Weddings are being celebrated in many ways, but the meaning of it is the same, it is a ceremony held to bind the lives of a man and woman. The exchange of vows of the bride and groom is one of the most important parts of the ceremony, but of course, the wedding gown is known to be a major attraction. It does not matter how big or small the wedding is, it is a bonus if you can afford a grand wedding, the important thing is that you are facing the future with the man or woman you wished to be with forever.

There are couples who dream and want their wedding to be unique. And because of this, there are a lot of new wedding ideas which are considered by couples. Before a wedding is just held in churches and a little get together which includes the celebration with the family and friends who attended the church, or a potluck in the bride or groom’s home. But now there are different wedding themes that differ in style, location, and ambiance.

A Country Wedding may be new to some people in terms of the concept and ideas, but this type of wedding does not only help the couple to fulfill their dreams. This can also help other people and the environment. There are reasons why couples are highly recommended to consider a country wedding and to name some of the advantages of this wedding theme, read below:

  • The ambiance of the venue is calming for everyone

Because Country Weddings are held in a farm or barn which is an open space, a lot of people would feel comfortable because of the fresh air and relaxation. Although there are country weddings that are held indoors, needless to say, you will feel the calmness of this theme not only during the ceremony but up to the reception.

  • This type of wedding is unique

A Country Wedding is not a common wedding for everyone, so it will help to make your wedding more interesting. There are things that can only be seen and can only be happening in this type of wedding.

  • The location will not be too expensive

For those people who have their own farm or barn, the location will not be a problem. They will not need to allot a budget for their wedding venue. They just need to focus on the things that will be needed to decorate the venue.

Although, if no one from the groom and bride’s family has a farm, barn, or country home, they can rent it absolutely at a lower price. Country weddings are most of the time celebrated in places that are far from the city, hence expect that the fees are cheaper.

  • Some of the things that will be used as decorations can be seen in the farm or barn

Since the wedding will be held in an already beautiful and attractive place, there is no need for further and expensive decorations. If there is a need to enhance the space, the materials are already available within the area and the charge of using them is not as much. You should not worry as much about high fees as the materials to be used in enhancing this kind of spaces are cheaper or even free.

  • The vibe of the place is interacting with the wedding ceremony

Since this type of wedding is called Country Wedding and focuses on the most known livelihood in every country, the farm as a wedding ceremony location is helpful in giving justice to the wedding theme.

A farm can also be a symbol of a simple and righteous location to start a life. The work on a farm may be difficult, but the prize that every farmer receives is priceless. This principle should always be a couple’s thing in life when they are living together. To be always hard working and righteous in everything that they do as a couple.

  • It is easy to decide and to find an attire that would match up the theme

The attire of a farmer is simple and can be found in everyone’s home. The couple just needs to enhance and add a little bit of style so that their wedding guests would be feeling the farm vibes once they are in the ceremony.

It will also lessen up the costs of the couple in preparing their and their guests’ attire for the wedding day. They will just need to decide on the color and the additional style for the farmers’ attire.

  • Would not be needing a lot of expensive decorations

Life on a farm is simple and does not need to be elegant. That is why a Country Wedding held on a farm would not be needing a lot of expensive decorations that is a great help to lessen the money that the couple will be needing.

The location also sets up the mood of the ceremony, that is why a few decorations would do and would help to make the wedding day ceremony beautiful.

  • A nature-friendly ceremony that would also benefit the environment

A Country Wedding would not be needing a lot of electricity which is one way to help the environment. The couple could also recycle things in the venue to serve as decorations.

There are also wedding souvenirs that are recycled hence a great way to lessen up the wastes that end up in the landfill. And those people who make this type of souvenirs depend on their way of living in this business.

A country wedding is indeed a great idea for those who want a wedding that is highly comfortable, relaxing, and sweet. But actually, if you are not onto the traditional and old fashion way of celebrating weddings, you can opt to choose from other themes. To know more about other wedding themes you may want to consider, click this link: https://www.callablanche.com/post/bride-s-survival-guide. 


Photo by Katie Treadway

Photo by Carolien van Oijen


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