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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Why have a winery wedding?

When you are in the process of deciding your wedding location, the focus mostly is on the advantages and disadvantages of a garden vs beach wedding, or country vs city wedding. Beyond these, there is a winery wedding.  It comes in between a country and a garden wedding and comes with many benefits. Winery weddings across the world have a certain romance around them.

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The following are some of the reasons which might just make a winery wedding the perfect wedding for you.

  • Ambiance: When at the winery, there is this feeling of having a great time that surrounds you. In most cases, those who come to the winery come to have fun. It is hard to get someone at the winery who is angry. This is the feeling which flows into the wedding, which is hosted at the winery. In the winery, you will get a sense of sophistication, laughter, spirit, relaxation, and much more. Both you and your guests will notice it at the wedding making it the perfect place to be.
  • Uniqueness: There are several ways in which you can personalize a vineyard wedding. One of them is to create a wine that you are going to serve, made from the surrounding grapes. There are other things which could make your wedding unique from the rest by coming up with some new ideas.

You can decide to serve guests using small plates coupled with wine or beer to make the dining experience different. Another option could be to allow guests to taste different wines on their arrival, after which they make their way via the grapevine to the wedding location.

  • Inspiration: When you check out on the internet about winery weddings, then you will notice that most people are having their weddings there and it is a good place for you to start when checking out for a venue for your wedding ceremony.

There are several ideas which you will gather concerning a wedding at a winery and it might just overwhelm you. From wine infused items on the menu to decors that are featuring wine, you can bring this environment into your wedding. The ideas that bring the feel at the winery to your wedding are not complex and thus, easy to organize.

  • Elegance: Though rustic weddings are still popular out there, it doesn’t mean that they are suitable for everyone. Several people like outdoor weddings because of the natural simplicity that they bring out. Going for the winery wedding might allow you to bring out a simple outdoor wedding ceremony without the rustic feel. With such a wedding, you will have balance between the laid back feel of an outdoor wedding and the elegant event for your guests’ overall experience.
  • Natural light: Photographers love natural light as it brings out the best photos. The views at the ground being beautiful, provide the best natural light for your photographs.
  • Single location: Vineyards are the best options for hosting your wedding ceremony as well as your reception. Most of the vineyards offer the best settings for both. With a single location, it means that there will be no rushing around to beat the traffic jams as well as avoiding the stress of where to get photoshoot locations.

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As much as you might want to host a winery wedding, it is important to know the cons of making such a choice.

  • Cost: When you plan an event in a vineyard, it comes with cost which will be above a standard wedding. But if that is your preferred venue, you can still go for it. Why it is expensive is because of the high quality which is being offered together with other extra inclusion. The price should not deter you from going after your preferred venue.
  • Availability: If you look around, there are very few wineries that host weddings. Most of them focus on wine tasting and making. But there are selected few which host a wedding without having a negative impact on their main activity. And with that, most of them have specific dates in a year where they host weddings, and with few vineyards participating in such, the dates are normally fully booked and it might be hard for you to secure a date. So in case you find a date, you have to book it immediately or else you miss out.

Though having a winery wedding has some cons, but the pros surpass the cons and thus, if that is what you want, you should not shy off from going for it, so start looking into hosting your winery wedding options as soon as possible to ensure everything goes as planned.

You will need to be flexible when it comes to picking the dates so that, when you get an open date, you just pick without having to be rigid that it should have been a certain one.

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