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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Why have Hotel Weddings

Choosing where you are going to have your wedding is a big job which you should never take for granted. Unless you had already planned where your future wedding will be held, it might be a tough decision to make.

There are several factors which go into choosing the correct venue, like considering the guest which both of you have invited. It is during such a time that you might realize that having your wedding in a hotel might be the best option.

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When you are in the process of planning your wedding, hotel choice is a part of it. There will be a need to get some place your guests are going to stay and if the wedding is happening outside your hometown, you will also require some place to stay too.

You will need to start asking around in hotels if they can host the number of guests you have in mind, and if they will have space around the time of your wedding.  This is the time you can also ask them if they can as well host the wedding for you.

You might have a desire to host a wedding in a hotel due to several reasons. Go through the following to learn some of the reasons and why they might just transform your entire wedding experience. If all the options available to you are causing you to feel overwhelmed, going for a hotel wedding could be the best way to go.

  • Everything is going to be in one place: The fact that everything will be in one place might be the main reason why you should consider having a hotel wedding. The wedding ceremony will be conducted right next to where the food is going to be prepared, and thus no need to drive to a different place and get lost in the process.

There will be standard supplies in a hotel ready for you to utilize like chairs and tables. To add to that, those coming from far away have a place to stay in the location, they just need to walk down the stairs to attend the wedding. This means that there will be minimal confusion and thus, a win-win for everyone.

  • There is a coordinator included: When planning for your wedding, one of the first expenses you will incur is hiring a wedding planner. In most cases, you will be charged an upfront fee with the rest being paid later and they might be expensive.

But with the hotel being your option for hosting a wedding, the planner might be included in the package that you will be given. Hotels that are known to host weddings frequently ensure that you are convenient in planning your wedding by including a coordinator.

If you calculate, it will be cheaper going for the hotel package than having to hire an independent planner. Such planners already understand the hotel and thus, you can take advantage of this knowledge like knowing the size of the rooms available and how many they are.

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  • Freedom of choosing a room: If you get a hotel that is used to hosting wedding ceremonies, you will have the option of choosing your room. Most hotels have a variety of rooms where weddings can be conducted.

The difference might be the view or the size, depending on your chosen location. Ensure to ask the hotel representative whether there will be a requirement for other equipment such as using live music or a DJ of your own or they have that in the package.

  • Great view: While you might consider going to a traditional hotel just because it looks great from the outside, there will be always a great view from any hotel no matter their location. When building hotels, there is always an eye-catching behind their construction.

They will ensure that their wedding rooms face such great views. Hotels located in big cities have rooftop availability or private gardens, allowing you to see the whole city skyline while making your vows.

  • Discounted blocks of rooms: When you book hotel blocks, whether you are having your wedding at the hotel or not, you can expect to get some good deals. When reserving several rooms at once, chances are that you will be offered special rates for your guests, but the deal becomes even much better if you decide to host your wedding there.

Depending on the number of guests, you might be able to negotiate the price of the rooms, allowing them to be cheaper than when they combine it in the wedding package.

  • Catering: Check out on the option of hotels that you have and find out the type of food they prepare. If they only have quick breakfasts, that is an indicator that they might not be the best option for your wedding. Hotels that have restaurants might be the way to go as they already have kitchens to serve your guests.


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