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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Why Use A Travel Agent When Booking Your Honeymoon

As you plan for your wedding dress to put on your wedding day, you will also be planning for what to wear on your honeymoon. If you are planning for a honeymoon or a destination wedding in a location that is remote, you will learn that it is a complicated matter. But is it necessary to go to a travel agent? Yes is the answer.

There are a variety of reasons why using a travel agent could save you time as well as be a lifesaver.  The following are some of the reasons why a travel agent might make the coordination to your destination wedding or honeymoon seamless.

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Check out the reasons why you need to utilize a travel agent when you are planning for a destination wedding or a honeymoon.

  • They are not very expensive as you might think because, in some instances, they are even free: You might find it hard to believe, but when you utilize services at a travel agent, it will not increase your budget to the extreme. In most instances, travel agents get most of their incomes via commissions from resorts, hotels, cruises, and airlines. And thus, working through a travel agent might be free.

There are travel agents who charge service or booking fees, which might be applied to the final travel costs. When you are shopping around for a travel agent, you need to find out how they are going to charge you, and if that is the case, how much will it cost you. Most likely, it will not be as expensive as you might think and worth embracing.

  • They have enough information regarding accommodations, destinations, and much more: The main job of a travel agent is all about traveling. They are ever traveling to find more information regarding the industry for familiarization or what they normally refer to as FAM trips.

They familiarize themselves with several locations. They eat in restaurants, stay in hotels, try out different activities and excursions, and basically, becoming experts in their line of duty. The inside knowledge is what they utilize to help in picking the best location for you and providing helpful and accurate destination wedding or unique honeymoon experience.

  • They have the knowledge to tailor your experience: If there is a particular experience that you would want to experience such as scuba diving, want a variety of foods, and to stay in a private resort, that is possible with a travel agent. Perhaps you want to have a cruise honeymoon that is out of this world.

Or you might be planning a luxurious European wedding with a few of your closest friends and family, yet you are on a tight budget. With a travel agent, they will utilize their wide breadth of knowledge to make your travel dreams that might seem crazy for others, and ensure to customize your experience that will be perfect and within your price range.

  • You will be able to save money: Why is there a need to utilize a travel agent? Though it might sound counterintuitive that you are spending money that you could have used on something else on a travel agent, eventually, you will save money along the way.
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La Perle LP2005 Forrest @melissacervantesphoto

With the travel agents, they will be able to create cool packages, putting together accommodations, flights, excursions, and much more, which will be able to save money. At times you will get discounts as they have good relationships with airlines and hotel companies.

  • They are important as far as a destination wedding or honeymoon is concerned: When planning for a honeymoon or a destination wedding, it means you are planning for a group vacation. There will be a lot of logistics, and it might result in a lot of stress for you to handle on your own. Travel agents might be lifesavers when you are caught up in planning for a honeymoon or a destination wedding.

They will be able to get your guests airline ticket prices on discounts and might work with an airline so that a set fare is given to alleviate ever-changing pricing in tickets. The travel agents can help in reserving room blocks for your guests. Due to their close relationship with other hotel sales managers, they can be able to give discounts to your guests for amenities, rooms, and much more.

  • They know all the gatekeepers: When organizing for a destination wedding or a honeymoon, you will most likely have a lot of questions. With a travel agent, you will get all the answers to your questions. So instead of you having to spend several hours on hold regarding your hotel for a destination wedding to get a question answered about anything, including welcome bags, or trying to get in touch with the concierge about the reservations for the hotel when it comes to your honeymoon, your travel agent knows whom to directly contact to get fast answers.
  • They can get you an experience of the celeb: When planning for your honeymoon, you will need your vacation to be top-notch. With the connection that the travel agent has, it is possible for them to get you whatever upgrades you want – whether it is a bottle of premium champagne when you arrive, a hotel room, a private meal served on the beach, or other unique experiences. They will make you feel like a celebrity while enjoying your honeymoon.
  • In case of an emergency, they will assist: And if you are not still convinced on why you should utilize the services of a travel agent, then maybe this particular point might convince you. In case of an emergency, you will have your travel agent contact. So a flight being canceled will not be stressful to you as an individual because of missing a connection, or in case of any other mishap, the travel agent has your back. The only thing that you will need to do is to call the travel agent, and they will work on re-routing you. There will be no need to stand in queues at the airport and no waiting to speak to a representative. Your travel agent will ensure you get to wherever you are going, which is very important, whether it is a honeymoon or a destination wedding.

Get more information about the importance of a travel agent in organizing for your destination wedding or honeymoon at the ultimate bride’s survival guide.

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