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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Writing the perfect best man’s speech

So the bride, as she walks down the aisle adorned in her best wedding dress, wants you to write a best man’s speech that will go well with the mood of the day. Being the best man is a big deal, and there are a variety of duties that you will be required to do, including coming up with the best man’s speech.

Traditionally, the best man has to give out a speech during the reception, so it is time for you to prepare one that will stand out. Avoid the generic speeches witnessed at many weddings.  With a little forethought as well as enough practice, you will wow the crowd with your speech for the best man.

Following the below guide to come up with the perfect best man speech.

  • Plan your best man’s speech, at least four weeks to the wedding day: You need to give yourself enough time, at least, a month before the wedding to come up with your best man’s speech. The weeks to the wedding day, especially if you are the best man, tend to be hectic, and you might not have time to draft the speech.

    With the events which you are supposed to attend or organize on behalf of the groom, you might end up losing sight of time. It will be best if you think ahead of time to relieve some pressure.
  • Start the speech with an expression of gratitude: If you still don’t know how to start your best man speech, you will need to start by introducing yourself, then express your appreciation to those you think have contributed to the day is special. Thank the parents the couple for bringing up the couple in such a great way, appreciating the groom for believing in you to be his best man, thank the guest for sacrificing their time to attend your friend’s wedding, give thanks to the bartender for providing the liquor. Though it sounds low key, it is the best way to ease yourself into the main speech as the best man and ensure that everyone present feels appreciated.
  • Talk about the relationship you have with the groom: After introducing your name, a big part of writing a best man’s speech is talking about the relationship you have with the groom. Talk about the way you met and what type of person he is. If you can have an anecdote that can summarize the personality of the groom, it will be meaningful if you link it in your speech. 

    He might be a very outgoing person, but at the same time, forgetful while his spouse is more organized and thoughtful. If you decide to start with the anecdote of his forgetfulness, and then, later on, talk about his partner’s organized skills that help him big time, and that is the time you knew that they were meant to complement each other, it will come out so well.
  • Stop focusing on your relationship, but focus more on the couple’s relationship: If you have known the groom for a longer time than the time he has known his partner, you can start your toast by recalling how your friendship started but fast-forward to the time when the two love birds met. Think of any story that you think might epitomize their relationship.

    If you can get a story where you thought that he had found the right partner for marriage, utilize that. Maybe after they met, your groom told you a week later that they were going to get married, and here you are now, witnessing their marriage.

    Maybe you have known the groom for quite a while. If, for example, you happen to be his brother, you always had an idea of who his perfect partner will be like, but the bride exceeds your expectations. You should put more emphasis on how happy you are for the groom that he has gotten a perfect match for him.
  • Finish the speech with a congratulatory message and then toast: It is the best way to end your best man’s speech. Ensure you congratulate the couple on their special day and then offer a toast. It can be a quote, witty, or personal. Maybe there is a love line from the groom’s favorite novel, a movie, or comedy that you happen to know, share it, or you can simply just wish the couple the best of luck and ask the guest to raise their glasses to toast the newlyweds.
  • Keep your speech as a best man short: Just like the father of the bride speech, ensure your speech is short. At the point you are giving your speech, the guests are restless. People are hungry and want to drink, eat, and make merry. Your speech should not take more than five minutes.  It should be between three minutes and five minutes.  You have to remember that, when you are giving the speech, it will feel like it is abridged, and you will think you are on the spot. Ensure that you know how long your speech is going to take by practicing it beforehand.
  • Practice: There is a need for you to practice the best man’s speech. Go through it at least three times before your presentation at the wedding reception. Record it with your phone, then listen for mistakes and improve on them.  Apart from practicing being critical, it brings out the best performance in you as it will enhance your confidence when you give it out. You can send a copy to a friend or a relative who will not be attending the wedding to give you an honest review and feedback.
  • Write down: Though it is essential to memorize your best man’s speech, you will be less anxious if you also have a hard copy of the same. Do a lot of practice so that you don’t keep on staring at the cards to know what you are supposed to say. You can consider utilizing note cards or a notepad that is bound.

Start writing your best man speech using the above guidelines. If you need to compare it with the instructions for the father of the bride and the maid of honor, you can check out the ultimate bride’s survival guide.

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