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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Writing The Speech For A Maid Of Honor In A Perfect Way

If the bride has involved in everything during the wedding planning, including going to shop for her wedding dress, most likely, you are her maid of honor. So prepare yourself when she tells you in confidence that, since you are her maid of honor, you must have it well-prepared way in advance.

As a maid or matron of honor in your best friend’s upcoming wedding, you are thrilled at everything that you are involved in. From the maid of honor responsibilities in the epic events of having to plan the bachelorette party, to the speech of maid of honor. Don’t feel bad if, at some point, you feel nervous – it is quite reasonable.

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Because you have a lot of responsibilities, including writing the speech for a maid of honor and delivering it at the reception, you have to ensure that you do it in the correct way. The speech is normally read or recited at the wedding reception, but it is possible to be asked to deliver it at the rehearsal dinner, and thus, you always have to be ready with it.

If you are the type who is comfortable speaking in front of people, or have a background in performing or acting, then the speech for a maid of honor will be a breeze.  But knowing that most people fear to speak in public, you might be a bit anxious. And even if presenting the speech for a maid of honor is the least of your worries, ensuring that you write it entirely might.

It is a moment that is important for both you as well as your best friend,  the bride, and you want to ensure that it is a special moment. How do you go about preparing a speech for a maid of honor while removing some of your anxiety?

The following are some of the tips to help you through coming up with a perfect speech for a maid of honor.

  • When to start writing the speech for a maid of honor: If for a long time, you have not procrastinated, there will be a need for you to give yourself enough time to write the MOH speech – a month to the wedding day is the ideal time to have written the speech for a maid of honor. Though it might seem to be a long time in coming up with a short speech for a maid of honor, the longer you postpone it, the more stressed you will become.

You need to select a time when you feel that your friendship with the bride is having inspiration. If, after the bachelorette, you are feeling sentimental, brought about due to the many stories you had forgotten about, it is time to write the speech.

It would help if you never looked down at the power of freewriting as it is at that particular time that you bring out the anecdotes and thoughts about your best friend that comes to your mind. It will make you see your memories and feelings at the same time. Within these reflections, you might discover a sort of inspiration.

Speech outline for the maid of honor

  • How to start your speech for a maid of honor: Start with introducing and mentioning the type of relationship you have with the bride and the couple in general. Thank everyone whom you feel should be appreciated and mentioned due to what they have done for the success of the wedding. That will include parents from both sides, other family members, the wedding party, and whomever else.
  • Talk about the bride: You have to start being personal. If it was only gratitude that you wanted to express, that is a toast and not a speech for a maid of honor. One story that you might include, which could be a crowd-puller, is how you met the bride and became friends.

If not an appropriate or appealing story, you can consider reciting a story about the two of you that bound you as friends,  or you can speak of how you knew that your friendship would be forever. If the two of you share a bond about a particular food, you can talk about how the two of you tried and failed to make the recipe from the start.

Maybe at first, you were unhappy when you were first assigned to be partners in class because you thought, you will not bond well, but you did not know what fate had in store for you. Get sentimental and creative, and you should not shy from being funny.

  • Talk about her partner: After you have talked about yourself and the bride, you should not forget to mention the groom. You can talk about the first time your friend introduced you to him and told you that she thinks he is the one.

You are the bride’s best friend at her wedding, and thus, you should remember that, in your speech, you should transition from talking about your friendship with the bride to talking about the bride and the groom. Such a transition will show your support and solidarity for their relationship. No matter your feelings about the groom, make sure you keep a happy face.

  • Talk about the bride and the groom as a couple: After you explain how you met the groom, you should now concentrate on talking about the two as a couple. It works well, primarily if you have known them for a longer period of time. Maybe when they had their first date, you were the bride’s roommate, and you witnessed everything.

Maybe you witnessed that point in their relationship when they were not sure if they will become a couple or not.  What is it that the bride told you after the groom told her I love you for the first time?

  • What to avoid in the speech for a maid of honor: You should never include ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends and drunken episodes in the speech for a maid of honor. Remember, family members are present. Please don’t talk about something that the bride will feel ashamed of her grandmother’s hearing. Avoid something that you think could cause tension. Avoid talking about the high divorce rate even as a joke.

Start writing your speech for a maid of honor utilizing the above. For more inspiration on how other speeches for the wedding are written, check out the ultimate bride’s survival guide.

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