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You're Engaged. Now What?

You’re Engaged, Now What?

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So you’re engaged, now what? We all know someone that is always on top of everything. No matter the issue, this individual has an answer, a plan, or at least knows who to call to figure it out. However, give them a wedding to plan, and we can only assume that even they will feel a little overwhelmed and lost along the way. (Given that they’ve never experienced the wedding planning process previously.)

It’s one thing to have found your dream wedding dress, but there’s so much more that goes into getting this big event to match the wedding of your dreams that’s currently in your head. So, for all of you out there planning your special celebration, overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, here are the first ten steps to take once you say yes! Here are the tips if you’re engaged and wondering now what!

1. Relax

Step one is easy! All you should do is relax. You and your boo deserve to spend some time together and enjoy this fresh, just engaged moment. Think of it as an engagement honeymoon. Celebrate, and enjoy these moments of calm between the two of you before the stress from planning the big day rears its head into the equation.

2. Notify

Once your blissful grace period is over, it’s time to get the party started. Notify your parents, family, and closest friends (in that order); bringing the most important people in your life into the loop on your engagement is such an exciting moment. These announcements will likely call for mini celebrations; you will share lots of smiles, laughs, and happy tears,å and it will likely re-ignite the joy and buzz from the day you said yes!

Engagement Tips

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3. Ring

fAt this point, you’ll want to get serious about the bling on that finger of yours! If it fits, that’s perfect, but if not, have it sized so that you can wear it out and about comfortably. You’ll also want to get it insured! It may not be something most people think about, but it will definitely give you peace of mind.

4. Budget

It’s time to start discussing some of the essential details. Like how much can you afford to spend on your wedding? Is anyone else helping to pay for the wedding, or are you handling the expenses solo? Make sure it’s a discussion that happens between all contributing parties. For instance, if parents are helping with the wedding, they should be included in this conversation as well.


5. Organize

Anybody else love organization and color-coding? Then this is your time to shine! Start creating your checklist (beyond the items on this list) that you and hubby need to figure out! Fire up your wedding website and get your registry started for your friends and family who are eager beavers; there are many online wedding resources to choose from that will help to keep your planning very organized. Or you can rock it old school, and pull out your bristol boards, scrapbooks, and agendas. Whichever you’ll have a better handle of!

6. Inspo

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! From wedding dresses to decor and invitations to venues and flowers, all your Pinterest pins and Instagram saved folders will finally be put to good use! Remember this is both your wedding as much as it is your partner’s! Make sure you’re on the same page or that at least bits of both of you in the wedding celebration.

7. Decisions

Parts of planning a wedding can be fun, whereas other details are a little more logistical. But now that discussions are happening, and inspo mood boards are in place, it’ll be easy to start making some calls and finalizing some decisions. Such as the big date! This is a time where you and your partner should settle down on a date. Once you have the date, start looking at venues and searching up potential vendors.

8. Timeline

As the days and possibly weeks continue to pass, you’ll want to solidify a bit of a timeline, so you know you’re on track! For instance, your wedding dress is something that needs to be on your timeline! If the wedding date is one year out, make sure you have ‘Start shopping’ at the 8-month mark and ‘order wedding dress’ by the 6-month mark. Eight months is the recommended time to leave for research, making appointments, shipping, and alterations! Other things to consider in this timeline are engagement photos, bridesmaids’ dresses, ordering rentals, booking venue, and booking your honeymoon (just to name a few).

9. Photographer

Okay, you should be feeling pretty on top of things; we believe at least the preliminary items by this point. The vision for your wedding is coming together beautifully, and it’s time to start documenting this momentous occasion. Find yourself a photographer whom you LOVE and go do a photoshoot!!! This is a moment of pure joy and should be stress-free; a moment for you and your partner to embrace one another, express your love, and have fun together!

10. Book and Assign

The last thing on our list that we believe sets you up for the rest of your checklist is booking vendors and assigning roles. You’re going to want to have your venue booked as far out as possible; since space and availability tend to be an issue there. And lastly, selecting your wedding party! By now, you need to chose those assuming these roles and icnlude them to plan future events (such as the shower, bachelor, and bachelorette parties).


We hope you enjoyed these tips! Now since you’re engaged and you have your 10 post-engagement duties, it’s time to get going, Brides-to-be! We wish you the best of luck! Don’t forget to visit our guide, The Bride’s Survival Guide, for more pieces like this!


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