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Minimony and Sequel Wedding

The Covid-19 Minimony and Sequel Wedding

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Let’s be real… It’s been rough, especially for you brides who have been waiting to say ‘I do’ to the love of your life throughout this pandemic. When will this end? We’re not too sure, but what we do know is, enough is enough! And (as many people have been doing) it’s time to celebrate holy matrimony. Luckily, there is a way for you and your partner to be wed and still celebrate with all your guests! Moreover, safely and legally. How, you ask? With a Minimony! Grab your wedding dress and grab your beau (or belle) because here’s our rundown on the covid-19 minimony.

What exactly is a minimony?

Minimony and Sequel Wedding

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As restrictions on social gatherings continue to bombard our lives daily, fiancées worldwide are finding ways to say ‘I do,’ all while following their local guidelines. The number one option you can consider for your wedding is a minimony.

A minimony is a small commitment ceremony that includes up to 10 people – with social distancing measures.

Beyond its size, the minimony has brought back an emphasis on the love found in a wedding. This smaller wedding forgoes the bigger and better expectations. Therefore, it allows couples to focus on what matters most to them. You can plan your minimony precisely how you want it to look now, then later, host a larger sequel wedding down the road for everyone else.

What is a sequel wedding?

Once you and your partner have tied the knot at your minimony, you can leave it at that. However, if your initial dreams were to throw a big bash and celebrate with all of your friends and family members, you can throw a sequel wedding later when it’s safe to do so.

A sequel wedding is when a couple has multiple ceremonies. Due to covid-19, sequel weddings have become the norm for couples who have already been legally married and want a chance to celebrate later with more guests.

Sequel weddings can occur at any time, weeks, months, or years down the road! So, there is no need to feel pressured on having any information sorted out right now.

How does a minimony benefit you?

For many couples, the year 2020 probably included several announcements with subjects along the lines of ‘postponing their wedding – once again.’ By deciding on a minimony, these emails can finally stop (well, just one more for now). Break the news to your loved ones that you and your partner are moving with a ceremony on your own for the time being. However, let them know that you will include them when things are back to normal.

Although your first thoughts will be sadness because you had to cancel your wedding, you’ll later come to realize a minimony has many benefits. Swapping your grand celebration for a smaller one allows you to save money, connect with your partner on a deeper level, and plan a more meaningful celebration.

If you’re considering canceling your wedding plans, maybe a minimony is an option for you and your partner. Small weddings can be just as beautiful and memorable as a larger event. For more information, visit our post on The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings.


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