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The Engagement

Updated: May 14

The engagement is one of the most exciting times, besides shopping for your wedding dress. This is when the boyfriend pops the question and places an engagement ring on the bride-to-be’s finger. Most engagements are a surprise to the bride, so it’s likely you will not be prepared. In most cases, your fiancé will take you out for a nice dinner, so you are sure to be dressed appropriately. After the proposal you could organize an engagement party and share your proposal story with friends and family along with your set wedding date.

In the western world the tradition of giving a ring for engagement started in 1477 when it is written that Maximilian, a roman emperor, gave Mary of Burgundy an engagement ring. In the Hindu religion, the groom’s father askes the bride’s father for permission for his son to marry his daughter. When the proposal is approved there will be a ceremony called Lagna Patrika, which is a signed contract that means the wedding will take place in the future. In Europe, an engagement ring is much simpler and may only be called a promise ring, this represents that you are a couple and maybe you will marry in the future. Asking for a parent’s blessing in the western world is still popular, it’s always a nice gesture of respect to speak to the parents of the fiancée, or their closest family member.

Winter is still the most popular time of the year for engagements. Christmas, New Year and Valentines day are top of the list, if fact, millions of people were engaged last year on Valentines day. Some say the origin of Valentines day came from ancient pagan cultures, where the month of February was thought as of the month of love and fertility, others say it is named for an early Christian martyr called St. Valentine.

Popping the question “will you marry me” is a very important time in your life, so it’s a good time to think ahead and plan something special. Maybe take your loved one to one of the many romantic places there are around the world, like Paris, Iceland, Greece, or somewhere exotic like Bali. Wherever you choose it will be your place to revisit for a very special anniversary in the future years.

Engagement parties are usually given by the parents of the bride, but it could also be a close friend, and it’s not uncommon for you to throw your own party. First make a list of who will be invited and remember those that are invited to attend the engagement party must also be invited to the wedding, set your budget, then send out invitations. Try to send them out a few weeks ahead of the party to make time for preparations.

Now its time to decide where to have the party, will it be at home or maybe a restaurant, and what kind of menu to serve? If you decide on an at-home party, think of the decorations, maybe you have a special theme in mind.

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