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The Essentials to a Micro Wedding in COVID

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In light of the current health crisis, many couples have been forced to postpone their big day. For one, mass gatherings have been discouraged to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, safety protocols like social distancing and mandatory face coverings have made it difficult to fully enjoy various events. Unfortunately, weddings are no exception.

However, couples who can’t wait for their wedding day can still have their dream wedding safely during these distressing times. The key is to have a small wedding ⁠— also known as a micro wedding! While weddings have been traditionally made to accommodate a bigger audience, small-scale weddings are easier to control and can help you guarantee the safety of every guest. In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can have a successful micro wedding today.

Figure Out Your Non-Negotiables

micro wedding

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When planning your micro wedding, try to think of your priorities and must-haves. In our post ‘6 Things You Need to Do to Postpone Your Wedding During COVID-19’ we’ve mentioned how postponing your wedding can be troublesome and tiring. However, pushing through with your wedding plans means that you have to compromise and adjust because events held during these times require special protocols. So, be sure that you have certain aspects of your wedding that you’re not willing to compromise on, like the location, having a videographer, or the food at your reception.

Whatever it is, it’s important to figure out what your non-negotiables are as it can serve as a guide for you and your wedding planner when planning your wedding.

Keep it Intimate

The great thing about micro weddings is that you have less pressure to invite people you’re not really fond of!  Whether it’s your tipsy uncle or your boss who you’ve just politely asked. Curating your guest list can be a fun activity for you and your partner, too! However, make sure to set some ground rules so that things are fair on both sides. Ultimately, the guest list for your micro wedding should include people whose company you enjoy the most and can liven up your special day.

Set Safety Measures

It’s only responsible to abide by the current safety protocols when having your wedding during these unfortunate times. For one, you should encourage your guests to stringently practice safety measures at least two weeks before your big day. This means strictly wearing a mask outdoors, frequently washing one’s hands, and avoiding huge crowds. Furthermore, you can also set up hand hygiene stations all over the venue. If you have the budget for it, you can also have your guests tested for the virus before your big day to ensure everyone’s safety at your wedding.

Feel Free to Be a Showstopper

Since you have a smaller guest list, you can spend more on the other aspects of your wedding and indulge yourself in a little extravagance. For one, thanks to the extra wiggle room in the budget, brides can get their dream designer wedding dress! Or even have a bespoke piece made for them. It’s best to know what kind of styles of dresses work best for you.

In Pretty Me’s guide to the best dresses for petites, smaller brides can choose belted empire waistline dresses that can help elongate the legs and make them look taller. Meanwhile, curvier brides will look absolutely stunning with a form-fitting ball gown. Whatever your body type, learning to know what looks great on you will make sure that everyone’s jaw drops on your wedding day.

Moreover, you can also make your wedding more spectacular by elevating the guest experience. Maybe take the wedding entertainment to the next level by maybe hiring your favorite local band! Or have your wedding at a stunning location like the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria, BC or Casa Loma in Toronto. With a micro wedding, you can go all out on other aspects of your wedding! That way you can make it more memorable for you and your guests.

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