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The Micro-Wedding with the Macro Experience

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Many brides and grooms have been making the switch from an extravagant well-attended wedding to a smaller, more intimate ceremony with 50 of their closest friends and family members. This is known as a micro wedding. By doing so, they can ensure their budget is substantially lower. And also that their special day is unique to them and their relationship together. After all, they say it’s all in the details. Considering all the specifics, we want to help sort through some micro-wedding details, from the wedding dress down to the menu. Here are some ideas on how to create a macro experience for a micro-wedding.

The Wedding Dress


@lapaixphoto La Perle by Calla Blanche Olympia LP2134

One vital element of any nuptial is the wedding dress. Some may say that large and luxurious gowns are not the most suitable for an intimate ceremony (whether it be micro or an elopement) – we say, to each their own. Want to cater your dress to the vibe of your smaller wedding ceremony (shorter looks, less detailing, simpler silhouettes)? Here are some of our favorites:

The Venue

The best feature of a micro-wedding is the freedom of choice. Typically, couples will encounter the most options when looking for the perfect venue for their big day. The possibilities are nearly endless! Brides and grooms will pick a place that best serves their personalities. Still, keep in mind the number of guests to be invited! For instance, if the plan is to hold the wedding intimately, can location accommodate all 50 guests? Are all guests able to afford a trip across the world to the wedding? Thus, consider any of the following options (for any kind of small wedding):

  • Family home/backyard
  • Boat ride
  • Bar/nightclub
  • Museum
  • Art gallery
  • Secret garden/ flower field
  • Rooftop/balcony
  • Beach
  • Scenic river
  • Valley
  • Mountain top/ cliff
  • Orchid/ vineyard
  • Greenhouse
  • Historic building
  • Farm
  • Waterfalls


Another way to utilize the additional budget is by allocating it to the experience rather than the little details. An example is to pay for the hotel accommodations of the wedding party or guests from out of town. Also, couples have used the extra funds to provide transportation to and from the wedding for guests. It makes for a smoother day and saves guests a pretty penny. Thus, for brides and grooms who can’t think of any other way to utilize the last of their budget, consider helping out the guests and making everyone’s lives easier.

The Menu

Brides and grooms have found great use in putting the remainder of the budget towards food and beverage! Upgrading the food experience can elevate the wedding from simple to luxurious in an instant. Instead of the initially planned buffet-style dinner, consider serving a three to five-course sit-down dinner. However, many couples even opt for splurging on an open bar! With a smaller guest list, an open bar becomes more feasible.


@lapaixphoto La Perle by Calla Blanche Olympia LP2134

The Details

The extra budget could also lead to a much more personalized celebration. Some couples may take this as an opportunity to include hand-written, custom pieces such as invitations, welcome signs, table place cards, or a ceremony program. Spruce up the venue by stringing delicate lighting, including plenty of florals and plants, using luxe fabrics for tablecloths and seating, or displaying an incredible array of candles. Moreover, think about personalized wedding favors or different seating arrangements for the reception (a long estate or large U shaped table).

The Entertainment

The additional budget should also be considered for reception entertainment. Consider booking a live band rather than just a DJ as previously planned. Perhaps you’re the couple that skips out on dancing and instead plays games! Now, there’s the opportunity to make sure the chosen games and activities are fun, quality choices.

The Honeymoon

The final item where additional funds can be allocated towards has nothing to do with the wedding at all! Instead it would be for the festivities that follow – the honeymoon. If a significant amount of money has been saved, perhaps a honeymoon is a viable option now (if it wasn’t before)! Or opt for a more extravagant and romantic trip for you and boo.

A small wedding can be beneficial for numerous reasons! However, our favorites are the fresh ideas and endless possibilities that come with it. For more information on how to plan your small wedding, check out The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings for everything you’ll need to know and more.



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