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The Most Relaxing Pre-Wedding Activities for Any Bride

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We can only hope in the weeks leading up to your wedding that the nitty-gritty details (like your beautiful wedding dress) are settling in, and you’re no longer in a whirlwind. Therefore, it is important in this time to take a moment to yourself for some much-needed relaxation! Everything will get sorted out one way or another. If you’re one of the many brides looking for a way to relax in the time leading up to your wedding, then you’re in the right place.

As every bride sees their wedding differently, they see relaxation differently, too. Thus, your version of peace may be reconnecting with your partner, relieving your stress, kicking back and having fun with the squad, or being a little practical. So, whatever your poison, we have the perfect ways to enjoy them all.

Reconnecting with Your Partner

Pre-Wedding Activities

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If you’re the bride that finds solace when they’re in your partner’s presence, then take this opportunity to spend your much desired time together. You can do this by decorating the home you’re moving into together and moving furniture around to make space for each other. It’s a chance to make your home welcoming so that settling in after the wedding is effortless. If you’re a couple who already lives together, try a night where you stay in and cook dinner together. Get a little romantic and remember why you two are in love, washing away any hesitations so that walking down the aisle is the obvious next step.

Relieving Your Stress

Here, you can feel free to do something with your bride tribe or completely alone; do whatever your body, mind, and soul are craving. A lovely solo meditation session with calming oils and yoga may be the perfect combination for you. Maybe a bridal party spa day with facials is the right way to go? If not, consider relieving stress by getting to the gym and working up some endorphins, which is a sure way to give yourself a feel-good pre-wedding glow.

Either way, make sure there are calming elements present and that you’re not required to lift a finger (unless you’re working out).

Kicking Back and Having Fun

Brides today have many options to choose from when it comes to their pre-wedding rituals. Where traditional options are still popular and often preferred (such as spa days), more exotic experiences are popping up every year. Even for those who don’t have a destination wedding, don’t feel limited to the local offering. If you have space in your budget, plan a short pre-wedding trip with your gals to try these exciting activities:

  • Forest bathing in Arizona
  • Moon bathing party in Turks and Caicos
  • Himalayan salt cave meditation session in Santa Barbara
  • Palace tours in Vienna
  • Fly fishing/Trapshooting in Pennsylvania
  • Paddleboard yoga in Utah
  • Apothecary blending party in Hawaii
  • Art runs in Denver (city-wide jog to view the best public art pieces)
  • Swimming with horses in Jamaica
  • Flower crown making party in Bali

Getting Practical

Where all of the above options may be fun for some, you’re not quite the type to take a moment for yourself. We get it, and you’re not alone! Perhaps taking some time to finalize wedding details is the key to keeping you zen, and if that’s the case, have at it. Thus, consider any of the following:

  • Pack your wedding day clutch
  • Check the weather for the wedding day
  • Create and distribute a list of all vendors and entertainers to your maid of honor
  • Call and verify all of your vendors, entertainers, and bookings and your payments
  • Break-in your wedding day shoes
  • Catch up on sleep
  • Get your nails done and any facials
  • Finally, reflect on this entire process

There are so many elements that go into planning a wedding! Thus, try not to forget your needs throughout the process. You can consider doing more than one of the options listed above. Moreover, you can choose to include your bridesmaids in your chosen activity, or not at all. Any of the experiences listed above are sure to get you out of any pre-wedding funk you may be having and back to feeling yourself, be sure to give one a try! For additional info on how bridesmaids are involved in your wedding, check out The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid.



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