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Job Description of a Bridesmaid

The Official Job Description of a Bridesmaid and How to Nail It

In a wedding, everyone has their role, and it is important that everyone knows it in order to pull off a beautifully memorable wedding. The role of the bridesmaid is no exception; from making tough decisions like choosing the perfect wedding dress to being there for the bride with emotional support, the job description of the bridesmaid is a lengthy one. The Official Job Description of a Bridesmaid and How to Nail It? Here are our tips on how to nail it:

Be Prepared to Spend Money

In case you hadn’t realized, weddings can be expensive and as a bridesmaid you will most likely be spending more money than you would like to. But as your bride’s go-to person, you want to do anything to make her happy and make her wedding day special. That means you may have to pay for:

  • Bridesmaid dresses, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup
  • Pre-wedding events and the bachelorette party
  • Bridal shower gifts
  • Wedding Gifts

Be Prepared to Be Her Go to for Everything

Job Description of a Bridesmaid

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The bride is about to embark on a journey with a lifetime partner, but until they say I do, you are her everything. Sometimes, unfortunately the groom won’t be as involved as his bride from time to time, and this is where you get to step up. Rather than waiting on her to ask you, you should offer to contribute wherever possible. From the small tedious tasks to the important big decisions, never let the bride feel like she’s planning this wedding on her own. You can and should be available to help with:

  • Selecting the perfect wedding dress
  • Planning and co-hosting pre-wedding events
  • Designing invitation cards
  • Selecting decorations
  • Creating a seating chart
  • Assembling wedding favours

Be Prepared to Be at Your Strongest

Understand that this is a very emotional time for the bride and that you may be in store for months of it. You need to prepare to take on a lot and know that things may get heated or awkward from time to time. Just know that you’re doing it all for a reason and you will make it through. You should be supportive of her and her views, but know that she asked you to be her bridesmaid because she trusts you:

  • Be confident in being the voice of reason when something isn’t the best idea
  • Be a trooper and keep morale high when possible
  • Be supportive and encouraging. You are one of the few that know her best
  • Be ready to fix a lot of disasters and overcome obstacles on the wedding day
  • Be able to hold her hand through all the highs and lows
  • Be ready to work with other bridesmaids that you may not like

Be Prepared to Be Her Superhero

Being a part of the bridesmaid squad really means you are there to support the bride. And that means you need to be ready to do stuff you never thought you would or could do. Some of the uncomfortable things you may find yourself doing may include:

  • Saying yes…a lot
  • Learning to run in heels…or just learning to wear heels
  • Being the life of the party at the wedding
  • Preparing and delivering speeches
  • Missing out on precious sleep
  • Getting into disagreements with other members of the wedding party

It is a lot, and it may not be for everyone, but being a bridesmaid can be so much fun. If you’re ever asking yourself what do bridesmaids need for a wedding, just remember the most important thing is to be there for the bride. At the end of all this, you will get to see the fruits of your labour when the bride looks beautiful in her wedding dress, the groom can’t stop admiring her, and they are smiling happily on their special day.

We hope you enjoyed our blog on the Official Job Description of a Bridesmaid and How to Nail It. For more on what it takes to be the perfect bridesmaid, check out The Ultimate Guide to Being the Perfect Bridesmaid.


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