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Bridal Shower Gift

Perfect Bridal Shower Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Bride

It may not be as epic as the bachelorette party, or as fun as picking out the wedding dress, but the bridal shower can still be a beautiful event. In all of the planning as a bridesmaid, you should probably remind yourself to get the bride a gift as well, so you don’t forget. The Perfect Bridal Shower Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Bride? Remember that these aren’t the wedding gift, therefore it doesn’t necessarily have to be fitting for both the bride and groom. To make things a little easier, here is a list of bridal shower gift ideas to help you in your quest.

Gifts for the Home:

  1. Oversized Throw Blanket

For the nights she decides to stay in with her other half, she may want to get close and cozy. An oversized throw blanket is a perfect gift to keep her and her partner warm while they spend time together. More importantly, no fights will be started over hogging the blanket, because there will be plenty of room for both.

  1. Thoughtfully Personalized Vase

Over the first year of marriage, and possibly beyond, this newlywed bride will be receiving many flowers. To help her house them all, you can get her a lovely vase that has been personalized with a message, image, or date to signify their marriage.

  1. Wine Rack

Just like flowers, newlyweds tend to receive a lot of wine during their first year of marriage. What better way to gift them something pretty and functional than with a lovely countertop wine rack?

  1. Personalized Platter/Tray

Anywhere in the house can be made up to look lovely with a platter/tray. It can help to organize miscellaneous items or turn an ottoman into a table. Either way, trays and platters are always the way to go, and even better when it’s personalized and pays homage to the union of the two newlyweds.

Bridal Shower Gift

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Gifts to Enjoy:

  1. Photo Book

If she’s the type to keep a record of everything and loves memories, a photobook is a perfect way to go. You can present it to her blank, or you can begin the process for her, by adding in some pre-marriage photos, quotes, and memorabilia (like a movie ticket stub).

  1. Spa Day Booking

After all the stress of planning the wedding, the bride might need some time for relaxation. Since it’s not a wedding gift, this bridal shower gift can be solely for her. Gift her a day of relaxation at her favorite spa, or you can treat her and try a higher-end location.

  1. Subscription Box Service

Perhaps you know the bride very well, and you’re aware of her obsession with chocolate, or self-care, or arts and crafts. Whatever her obsession may be, you can help to fuel it with a subscription box service, specific to her likes and hobbies. It’s a gift that continues to give, with monthly deliveries right to her door.

  1. Sexy Pajamas

Just because they’re sexy does not mean they’re for her partner. These sexy pajamas could easily be a full silk set, and you get her this because you believe she deserves to feel sexy when she goes to sleep. Even if it really is just to fall asleep in.

More Presents Just Because:

  1. Custom Wedding Dress Hanger

Sometimes brides don’t consider how they’re going to deal with their dress after the entire wedding is over. You can present her with the cutest customized hanger, specially made for wedding gowns. It will help her keep her dress together and safe. It can be personalized with her first name, her new last name, or even the date of the wedding and she will be appreciative.

  1. Personalized Makeup Bag

When her wedding day comes, it’s necessary to have everything organized. It would be even nicer if you put it in a personalized makeup bag. This is something the bride can use on her wedding day and beyond, it is both handy and cute.

  1. Custom Stamp Set

A custom stamp set would be an extremely helpful present for the bride (and the groom) when it comes to mailing out thank you cards for all of her gifts. It is both incredibly useful as it is beautiful, and she will surely be thankful for all of the time you saved her.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog on Perfect Bridal Shower Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Bride. For more tips on how to handle being a great bridesmaid, check out The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid.


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