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courthouse wedding dress

The Perfect Outfits for your Courthouse Wedding

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Looking for the Perfect Outfits for your Courthouse Wedding? Without a doubt, planning a wedding can be stressful, but when it comes to choosing what to wear, we think our brides tend to have a little more fun. Thus for brides planning a courthouse wedding, we understand there are many decisions to make, and so our goal is to make that a little easier. We’ve looked through our collections of gowns and picked out our favorite choices that will best suit a courthouse wedding. Let’s take a look at some of the perfect wedding dresses for your courthouse wedding!

The Perfect Outfits for your Courthouse Wedding

L’Amour by Calla Blanche Lucy LA22105

Simple Gowns for the Serene Bride

Our simple gowns are a perfect choice for a courthouse wedding. Moreover, taking a simpler approach to your wedding day look means that you appreciate the importance of this big day, yet you also wouldn’t mind keeping things lowkey. Therefore, these minimalistic gowns are sure to keep your wedding day princess dreams alive while not drawing too much attention in the courthouse halls.

Lucy LA22105

Stassi LA23115

Jubilee LP2307

Indrani LP2323

Modest Gowns for our Subtle Brides

Our modest gowns are some of our more subtly beautiful dresses. So, if you’re looking for a modest gown to keep your wedding day look discreet while still exuding an abundance of romance and elegance, these are a few absolutely ideal courthouse looks for you to consider!

Sandrine 123103

Yara 123105 

Martina LP2241

Lark LP2311

Classic Gowns for the Classy Bride

Our classic styled gowns are all beautiful choices. Perfect for our classy brides looking to keep a little tradition in their wedding day outfit. These gowns are sure to make your big day an absolute delight. They consist of a little more volume and just pinch more sparkle. If you choose one of these lovely classic gowns, it’s likely to be the missing puzzle piece to help complete your day.

Darby LA22249

Jordan LA21104

Uliana LP2248

Charlie LP2240

Glamorous Gowns for a Bridal Queen

When it comes to a courthouse wedding, you shouldn’t be afraid to be absolutely glamorous. It’s your wedding day, after all – all eyes should be on you! Therefore, for those of you looking to be as bright as a star on your big day, we’ve chosen some glamorous (but still courthouse-appropriate) gowns that we think you’ll adore too.

courthouse wedding dress

Calla Blanche Thalia 121104

If you’ve always dreamed of wearing a dress like one of these gowns, we believe as you walk through the courthouse doors, it will feel like walking into a castle and keeping your princess wedding dreams alive. Because, when you look like a queen, you will feel like a queen! Therefore, on your wedding day, in a glamorous wedding dress, the stars will be aligned.

Bethany 121118

Thalia 121104

Avery LA20216

Imogen LP2103


While every dress mentioned above makes us swoon with delight. Our only piece of advice when it comes to selecting your wedding day outfit is to wear what you want! Whether that’s your favorite white jeans and a blouse, a chic jumpsuit you bought on sale last month, a gorgeous colorful floral dress, or one of our stunning gowns, you should feel happy with what you choose and comfortable in what you wear.


We hope that we’ve inspired you to live out all your fairy tale dreams and helped you to narrow down your choices, but in case you’re still a little stuck, check out our post on The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings.

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