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The Right Time To Shop For Your Wedding Dress


Planning your wedding is a wonderful process that starts the moment you get engaged. That’s when the wedding bells start ringing and everything goes in motion. You have to think about the venue, the theme, the décor, your guest list, but most importantly, your perfect wedding dress. Shopping for a wedding dress is not to be taken lightly. While other elements of your wedding can be arranged within a few months, or weeks, of the actual date when you’ll be walking down the aisle, the process of shopping for this one special item should start preferably 9 to months in advance, 12, if you’re looking for a custom made gown. Bridal stores don’t want to put any pressure on you, but here’s why it’s important to organize your time wisely when it comes to finding your perfect dress.


Timing is of the essence, not just when it comes to your wedding date, but when new collections of dresses will be released. Designers usually launch two collections per year: Spring during Winter and Fall during the Summer. You don’t want to be shopping too early so as to be limited to the previous season’s styles, or too late that there are no more sample sales left.


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The main reason why wedding dresses take so much time to make is the amount of detailing that goes into them. If you’ve ever been wedding dress shopping or seen a popular tv show that’s all about this amazing experience, you’ll know that you can’t just walk into your appointment with the bridal consultant, try a dress one, and then take it home on the spot. The dresses available for purchase are more often than not only samples, which are then clipped and pinned to hug your body in all the right places. The measurements are then sent over to your wedding dress designer, who will make the dress from scratch. It takes a lot of time to put your dress together, even more, if you consider the beadwork and embellishments like on Iris 120119 or Jade 120124. Some luxurious fabrics get shipped from different countries all over the world. You can pay rush fees if you so desire, but remember it takes time to achieve perfection.

How soon after saying “yes”

Since getting your hands on your dress is the tardiest step in the process of walking down the aisle, you might want to keep it at the top of your to-do list. One suggestion is to start shopping for your wedding dress right after getting engaged, but not before selecting your venue and date. You want to make sure you look for options that go according to the season in which you’ll be getting married and the place. If you and your loved one are planning a summer beach wedding, there are certain fabrics and styles that you might want to stay away from. The same goes for a winter wedding inside a luxurious ballroom. It will be less stressful to narrow down your options once you’ve picked a time and place for your nuptials.


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If you want a fully custom-made wedding gown, you might want to consider not just about 12 months for it to be made from top to bottom, but the added costs associated with it. The same goes for purchasing your perfect wedding dress at any time, really. Alterations and customizations can happen at any time. No wedding dress comes out of a cookie-cutter, so part of those 9-6 months it takes to complete your perfect wedding gown are allocated to making sure it’s according to your specifications.

Finding your perfect dress is science. It takes time, patience, creativity, and most importantly, love. You have to find a wedding dress that matches your soul and makes you look and feel beautiful. It’s out there somewhere, all you have to do is keep an open mind and trust the experts.


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