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The Top 8 Wedding Colours That Are Perfect For All Seasons

We all agree that red, burgundy, emerald, black, brown, and grey as fall and winter colors, but what colors are perfect for all seasons? Today’s bridal parties think outside the box, and certainly want to be different, and not be restricted to some colors and not others. The bride’s wedding dress is usually either Ivory or white, but the groom, bridesmaids, and the rest of the bridal party tend to go with the colors of the season. Making color choices for your wedding is very important, this should be carefully planned just like the rest of the wedding. This will also reflect your personal style, so select a color palette and start planning. The different landscapes of each season are very different, so this could also help decide on your color choices.

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A winter wedding usually goes along with the traditional colors such as dark green, burgundy, silver, white and gold, also Tartans can be a great touch for a Christmas wedding. So, the two colors I would take from this group for an all-season color would be silver and white.


A fall wedding has the rusts, oranges, browns, and red colors of the fallen leaves, hunter green, cobalt, candy apple red, taupe, plum, black, charcoal, and midnight blue. From this group, I would choose a midnight blue, charcoal, and black as they are versatile for all year round.


A spring wedding is a time of the year when the flowers are starting to pop up. We have yellows, pinks, lavender, mauve, dusty rose, and periwinkle. From this group, I would choose the dusty rose and mauve.


Summer is a time for many beautiful colors, shades of blue like the color of the ocean, turquoise, sapphire, aqua, mint, and cornflower like the color of the summer sky, along with champagne to match the golden sand. From this group, I would choose champagne as the best color to use all year round.


So, the top 8 wedding colors that I think could work best for all seasons are silver, white, midnight blue, black, dusty rose, mauve, charcoal, and champagne. These colors are great for Bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride and groom.

The bridesmaids could be dressed in dusty rose-colored dresses accessorized with silver shoes. The maid of honor has a mauve color dress to stand out from the rest of the girls, also with silver shoes. The mother of the bride could wear a midnight blue dress and matching jacket, and the mother of the groom with a  champagne color gown with a matching shawl. The groom wearing a charcoal suit with a black tie, white shirt, and black shoes, and the groomsmen could all wearing a lighter shade of grey, black tie, white shirt, and black shoes. This is a beautiful wedding party in colors suitable for all seasons, the bride could wear ivory or white with a colored co-ordinated sash from the bridesmaid’s dresses.

I hope you found this article interesting, for more interesting articles please check out our Ultimate Fall Wedding Guide.


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