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Wedding Trends 2022

The Top Wedding Trends of 2022

The wedding boom is already here! After difficult wedding seasons in 2020 and 2021 with lockdown restrictions, masking, and limited gatherings, brides and grooms-to-be are looking forward to 2022 with excitement. Thanks to Covid-19, couples have had time to consider what’s important and how precious shared time with family and friends is. With this in mind, couples want their wedding to be a celebration of their families and friends. As a result, weddings are transforming, and new trends are emerging. That means you need to start thinking about all the big and small details of your wedding day ahead of time. 

With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, wedding planning and celebrations are becoming bigger than ever before. From wedding dress shopping and wedding decor to cake designs and wedding favors, we know how hard it is to keep up with the wedding trends. So we’ve created this helpful guide to help you discover all the wedding trends and tips to bookmark in 2022!

The Biggest Wedding Trends of 2022

Wedding Trends 2022

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Each year brings new wedding trends to excite newly engaged couples and wedding planners alike. With the easing of coronavirus restrictions, weddings are beginning to look more like what they used to with bigger parties and packed wedding receptions. From weekday and destination weddings to pops of colors and full-on rainbow weddings, here are the biggest wedding trends of 2022.

Bold Colors
Bright colors are taking the wedding industry by storm. Pops of oranges, purples, green, and gold are some of the biggest trends this year.
Weekday Weddings

2022 will see more weddings than in the last couple of years. We will see couples opting for weekday weddings to have more options for dates, vendors, and venues.

Destination (and destination-inspired) Weddings

Destination weddings are on the rise as more couples are hosting weddings in different cities and even countries. Those who don’t want to travel are incorporating destination-inspired elements into their weddings, such as boarding pass invitations, world maps, and an international wedding menu.


2022 wedding trends will see couples incorporating the regency era in their wedding days. Whimsical garden weddings, beautiful floral arrangements, and gold decor will make an appearance this wedding season.


Instead of a typical wedding DJ, many couples are opting for live performances and unique performers, such as local bands, silent discos, circus performers, and bouncy castles.

More Outdoor Weddings

After being indoors for so long, couples are ready to get married outdoors. From summer camps and forest weddings to rooftop venues and vineyards, couples are ready to enjoy their wedding with more unique backdrops and places.

Vintage Style

“Something old” is getting a new meaning in 2022 with couples including vintage decor, stationery, and drinks. Whether you go full vintage or choose to mix modern and vintage, your wedding will be definitely on trend.

Eco-Friendly Weddings

2022 couples are all about sustainability and eco-friendly wedding decor items, floral arrangements, vendors, and venues.


At the end of the day, it is important to have fun planning your wedding! Don’t stress too much about what’s trending, and rather focus on what’s a reflection of your personality and interests as a couple and how you can implement that into your wedding.


Wedding Trends 2022

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Wedding Trends That Are Out in 2022

When you start planning your wedding, one thing that’s good to know is which trends are still in and which have become a thing of the past. Many wedding trends are here to stay, such as a white wedding dress, a first look and a first dance. However, there are some wedding trends that couples want to leave behind for good.

Bouquet and Garter Tossing

Couples are officially ditching wedding bouquets and garter tossing for more unique entertainment such as interactive games, live bands, and immersive visuals, such as LED screens, 3D elements, real live visual representation of different places and objects. Once a popular tradition, modern couples consider it now an awkward and uncomfortable part of the wedding.

Wedding Favors

In 2022, brides and grooms don’t want to waste money on wedding favors that their guests will not use and probably throw away. However, if you still want to give a small gift to your friends and family, opt for something edible such as chocolates, candy, or local produce.

Twinkly Lights

Whimsical lighting was all the rage during the pandemic. However, more and more couples opt for something bigger and brighter such as chandeliers, light installations, and even light shows.

Balloon Decor

As mentioned, this year couples are all about sustainability and less waste. So it’s no wonder that balloons are becoming a thing of the past. They’re not biodegradable or recyclable and can be a danger to people with latex allergies.

Minimonies and Micro-weddings

Quite a few weddings over the past couple of years were minimonies and micro-weddings due to the pandemic and restrictions. But in 2022 we’re going to see weddings ramped up to make sure all the friends and family members get all the quality time they deserve.

Muted color schemes

Neutral and muted palettes are out. Couples want more color in their wedding through decorations, wedding bouquets, and even wedding dresses to bring a happier mood, more energy, and cheerfulness to their weddings.

Monogrammed Dance Floors

While this trend looked great in the photos, modern couples prefer something different and fun nowadays. Think of unique patterns, vibrant colors, and non-traditional decorations such as carpets, rugs, lush greenery, moss, and flowers.


In general, couples are reconsidering spending money on anything overly extravagant and rather focus on what is important to them and will have a sentimental value years after the wedding.

2022 Pantone Color of the Year: Best Ideas for Your Wedding

Wedding Trends 2022

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It’s that time of the year again! Pantone has released the Color of the Year for 2022, and this one hits the mark for us! According to Pantone, Veri Peri is “a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone.” It can be easily tied into your 2022 wedding for a touch of whimsy and dreaminess. 


How to use this unique color for your wedding? The colors you choose can set the tone for the entire wedding, from the moment your guests receive invitations to the moment they arrive at the reception.  Here are some ideas for incorporating Veri Peri into your wedding:

Bride and Groom Wedding Outfit

A touch of Veri Peri would be a great addition to your wedding dress or even the groom’s suit as a tie, bowtie, or even a boutonniere. Varying shades will ensure that you both feel fabulous on your wedding day.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Wedding Attire

Because Veri Peri flatters any (if not every) complexion, it is an ideal color for wedding party attire. From bridesmaids and groomsmen attire to mother-of-the-bride dress, this color will definitely make a bold statement on your wedding day.

Veils and Hairpieces

There are so many details where Veri Peri can be incorporated. Whether you want a more vibrant or softer color, you have a number of options for you to choose from. From soft lavender embroidery to romantic lilac hairpieces, there’s something to suit every bride!


Work Veri Peri into your color scheme from the start with the invitations, save the dates and envelopes! Either as a primary or secondary color, it will add warmth and vibrancy to your wedding stationery.


Jewelry is a great little nod to the Veri Peri theme. Not only can it be a statement piece, but it can also double as your something blue since there are blue hues in this color!

Desserts and Wedding Cake

From lush blooms adorning the cake to cake icing, Veri Peri goes a long way and will give a classic cake a modern upgrade! 

Wedding Decor

Set an unforgettable scene for your wedding by incorporating Veri Peri in the ceremony and reception decor. From pops to a burst of  color, your wedding will get an enchanting makeover with lavender, lilac, and blue hues.


Veri Peri is a go-to color for brides who want to have something whimsical while walking down the aisle. Lilacs, hydrangeas, and ranunculus will definitely add romance to a wedding bouquet while staying on trend!


Lighter Veri Peri will be great for spring and summer weddings, while darker hues will be perfect for fall and winter weddings. Whether you will have Veri Peri as the main color or have a combination of different shades, choosing colors that will make you and your partner happy is always the right choice.


Wedding Trends 2022

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Top Wedding Color Trends For 2022

Figuring out and creating a wedding color palette is part of making sure your wedding ideas all come together. As with any trends, wedding trends are constantly changing and evolving. This year, couples are looking for more joy, happiness, and warmth with bright, vibrant, and mood-boosting wedding palettes. 


Your wedding colors have a huge impact on a variety of different aspects of your big day. While you can absolutely choose any color you want (you don’t have to follow the trends), we have prepared a list of the most trending colors of the year to give you some inspiration:


This color brings a burst of color to any wedding and looks stunning all year round!


Can be paired with a variety of different hues and is a great way to incorporate your “something blue” into your wedding palette.


The vibrant and rich shades of purple fit anywhere from a romantic outdoor garden wedding to a whimsical forest elopement.

Blush Pink

Very relaxing and romantic, it is practically impossible to go wrong with blush pink whether it’s a traditional wedding or a boho wedding.


This color is super versatile and can be used for any wedding season to bring vibrancy and warmth to your wedding day.


This is a great way to add that extra sparkle and shine to your wedding.

Veri Peri: Pantone Color of the Year

As mentioned above, this dreamy color somewhere between blue and violet is a fit for every wedding season and theme.


Focus on colors that feel natural and authentic to you. It is important to bear in mind which tones suit you and your partner best before making any big decisions. Research and collect inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. Finally, you do you! Choose colors that will make you and your partner happy!

Wedding Flower Trends

Wedding Trends 2022

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Flowers are an important part of any wedding. They are an easy way to add color, joy, and excitement to your ceremony, reception, and even desserts and cocktails. From bold colors and mismatching wedding bouquets to pampas grass and dramatic arrangements, here’s everything you need to know about what’s trending with florals in 2022.

Unique Textures

2022 is about expressing individuality and creating unforgettable floral arrangements with lots of unique textures, shapes, and colors. Think pampas grass, lush greenery, feathers, eucalyptus, ferns, vines, and even herbs.

Vibrant and Bold

What brightens your wedding day and mood better than bold and vibrant flowers?! In 2022 color is here to stay in every aspect of your wedding. From wedding bouquets and boutonnieres to floral arrangements and centerpieces.

Cascading Bouquets

Cascading bouquets are taking the wedding industry by storm. From boho and rustic to romantic and classic weddings, you’re going to see cascading bouquets that include orchids, clematis, roses, lilies, and lush greenery.

Veri Peri Wedding Bouquets

Whether you want just a touch of color or are ready to go all out with your wedding bouquet and flowers, 2022 Pantone Color of the Year is an absolute must! A mix of lavender and blue, veri peri will play nicely in bridal bouquets, floral centerpieces, and flower arrangements.

Sustainable Sourcing

As the world embraces sustainability, couples are on the lookout for greener options, especially when it comes to wedding bouquets and flowers. Think about choosing seasonal blooms, finding local suppliers, and using plants rather than freshly cut flowers.

Mismatching Color Palette

Choosing your wedding colors is one of those decisions that will set the tone for your entire wedding. 2022 couples are mixing it up with mismatched flowers and greenery, creating truly unique and exciting ensembles for their wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and floral arrangements.

Dramatic Floral Installations

Who doesn’t love big blooms and lush greenery? In 2022 couples want to go bigger in every aspect of their wedding, and flowers are not an exception! Picture floral chandeliers, wall and window floral installations, and elaborate floral backdrops.


Beautiful blooms instantly add personality, happiness, and color to just about anything! Following restrictions, lockdowns, and the pandemic, we have all learned that flowers are all you need to bring pleasure to your wedding day!

Etsy’s Wedding Trends for 2022

Wedding Trends 2022

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The Etsy Wedding Trends for 2022 are here! Etsy is a treasure of unique and personalized items – you’ll find many details to make your big day a reflection of your and your partner’s personality. If you’re getting married this year, Etsy unveiled the latest and biggest wedding trends that are about to be at every wedding. Think sleek silhouettes, chic accessories, and a regency aesthetic. Below are the biggest wedding trends for 2022 as predicted by Etsy.


  • Bridal Bows – Say bye-bye to your regular veil! Bridal bows are making a swift comeback in the wedding market! From tulle and satin bows to crystals and pearls, a bow can add the perfect amount of playfulness to your wedding look.


  • Back to the 60s – Oh the ’60s! The years of more relaxed weddings, baby doll dresses, shorter skirts, and mini skirts. The iconic silhouettes and love of blushers and shoulder-length veils are influencing wedding dresses and bridal accessories.


  • Heirloom-Worthy Gifts – Personalized gifts are a massive part of weddings nowadays. Guests have been searching for ways to add something special to their traditional wedding gifts including custom artwork, personalized cutting boards, and even custom knife sets.


  • Destination and destination-inspired weddings – Etsy agrees, getaway-inspired wedding decor, stationery, and flower arrangements are on the rise in 2022! From beach-inspired favors to tropical wedding menus, destination-inspired weddings are a great way to make your guests feel like they’re on vacation.


  • Bridgerton Anyone? – Etsy also agrees that Regencycore is a huge trend for 2022. Think opera gloves, romantic headpieces, pearl accessories, and flowing silhouettes. 


  • Colorful celebrations – More is definitely more when it comes to color in 2022. Channeling bold and vivid colors is a great way to make a statement on your wedding day.

Pinterest’s Wedding Trends for 2022

Wedding Trends 2022

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New year, new wedding trends! Every year, Pinterest releases its wedding trends list for your dream wedding planning. From black wedding dresses and cakes to fairytale forest weddings and eco-friendly favors, here are Pinterest’s wedding trends for 2022:

Dark Wedding Vibes

Pinterest reveals that pinners are looking to trade in traditional white for mysterious black with  trending searches such as “dark wedding ideas” (59X), “black boho wedding dress” (4X), and “black wedding cakes” (+94%).

Pearl Everywhere

Searches for “pearl wedding” increased by 3X, which means diamonds are not a girl’s best friend anymore. From pearl engagement rings to pearl-embellished veils, you are about to see pearls everywhere.

Forest and Woodland Vibes

Forget the classic wedding, couples are looking for fairytale weddings, literally. Search terms like “woodland fairy wedding” (7X), “enchanted forest wedding dress” (5X), and “forest wedding ceremony” (2X) are all trending for 2022.

Wedding Styles From Every Part of the Globe

Pinterest and pinners celebrate couples from different countries and cultures. 45% of the top 100 trends in the wedding category are related to different cultures and religions

Love Is For Everyone

Along with being inclusive in different religions and cultures, pinners also celebrate all love. Brides- and grooms-to-be are searching for “non-binary wedding outfit” (8X), “lesbian wedding bridal party” (3X), “gay wedding suits” (3X), and “queer wedding” (2X).

The Bridgerton Inspo

Pinterest also agrees that the Regencycore aesthetic is about to explode and you can blame it all on the Bridgerton! Pinners are searching for “Bridgerton bridal shower” (12X) and “Bridgerton wedding” (+31%). Don’t be surprised if the next reception you attend has swapped cocktails for a tea party.

Sustainable wedding ideas

This year, sustainability is key. There are plenty of things to help you make your wedding day a little greener. Pinners are looking for “eco-friendly wedding favors” (3X) and “eco-friendly wedding ideas” (2X).

Tik Tok Wedding Trends in 2022

It can be overwhelming planning a wedding, especially with so many trends emerging and leaving every year. In 2022 many brides are scrolling through TikTok for inspiration and have found the following trends emerging: 

Bridal Suits

Wedding dresses are stunning, but more and more brides are choosing less traditional wedding attire to walk down the aisle. A bridal suit is not only a comfortable and beautiful option, but they also come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures.

Wedding Trends 2022

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Vibrant Colors

2022 wedding colors are bold, hot, and vibrant! From shades of red and orange to blues and greens, couples are opting for pops of brighter colors and full-on rainbows at their weddings.


As mentioned in the Pinterest trends, pearls are definitely a vibe in 2022! And TikTok is not an exception. There’s something ultra-romantic and utterly feminine about it, and we love seeing it at weddings. From wedding decor and flowers to wedding dresses and accessories, pearls will definitely give a touch of glam to your wedding and overall look.

After Party Outfit Change

While many brides choose to wear one wedding dress, in 2022 there are plenty who want to have a dramatic outfit change. From feathers and fringe to mini dresses and jumpsuits, having a second outfit allows for versatility and extra functionality for the rest of the wedding party.


Great for bold and playful couples as well as for romantic and whimsical ones, feathers are having a moment in 2022! From wedding dresses and veils to wedding decorations and floral arrangements, feathers are an excellent way to take your wedding day to the next level of extra.

First Look

First look is an important part of the wedding. However, modern couples opt for parents, siblings, bridesmaids, groomsmen, friends, and even dogs’ first looks rather than a couple’s first look. 

No More Bouquet and Garter Tosses

2022 weddings are a mix of traditional and nontraditional, old and new. TikTok agrees that it seems modern couples are straying from old traditions of garter and bouquet tossing in favor of more modern versions, such as candy toss, anniversary dance for married couples, or skipping this part altogether.

Champagne Towers

Champagne towers are a simple but stunning idea for your wedding day. Besides being exciting and extravagant, champagne towers make a great photo op! 


When it comes to wedding and wedding trends, it’s all about expressing your personality and style. While we’ve seen many wedding trends over the years, we cannot wait to see what the 2022 wedding season has in store.


Whether it’s a small and intimate wedding, or a grand celebration, we hope this guide will shine a light on the most popular 2022 wedding trends and give you that needed inspiration! Remember to keep an eye on our wedding guides to find everything you possibly need to create the wedding of your dreams.



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