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The Ultimate Boho Wedding Guide with Tips

The Ultimate Boho Wedding Guide with Tips

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If you’ve already started planning your wedding and your wedding dress style, we’re almost certain that you know how many wedding themes there are. From a boho wedding to a traditional celebration, choosing the right wedding theme is one of the best ways to set the tone for your big day. If romantic, whimsical, and ethereal elements are your source of inspiration, then a bohemian wedding might be the key to your heart. Flowy fabrics, Mother Nature, and floral arrangements in a variety of colors and textures can help you and your loved one embrace the bohemian wedding theme to its fullest. 


But what really makes a bohemian wedding different from all other types of weddings? Does it need to be indoor or outdoor? What are the must-have details that will really bring your vision to life? Why are boho weddings so popular?


Boho couples love to stay away from everything traditional. From geodes, crystals, and agates to succulents, ferns, and eucalyptus, bohemian weddings are always about nature and having that earthy and natural look. Whatever you envision for your wedding, if you wish to implement bohemian style into your special day, then you really have a lot of beautiful options to choose from! 


Whether you’ve been questioning the time you have already spent at this stage of the wedding planning or you’re not quite sure where to start, we’ve got you covered! Read through our The Ultimate Boho Wedding Guide with Tips to learn more about a bohemian wedding and what goes into it.

ultimate boho wedding

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What Exactly Is a Boho Wedding?

Bohemian, by definition, means a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts. A bohemian or boho wedding incorporates elements of nature along with a certain celestial divinity, romanticism, and individuality. Bohemian style has come to mean freedom, effortlessness, and laid-back vibes. Think of ethereal accents of crystals and quartz, flowy dresses, fairy lights, plenty of natural materials like feathers, and dream catchers paired with green leaves, ferns, and dried flowers. These are the key elements of a boho wedding. 


Some may say that this sounds like a hippie-styled wedding, but we like to consider it a free-spirited and whimsical way to express your artsy personality.

How To Know If You’re a Boho Bride?

Do others describe you as dreamy? Carefree? Free-spirited? You’re into an easy-going vibe, DIY projects, and thrifted decorations? We’ve got news for you! You might be a bohemian bride! Your unique and maybe a little non-traditional view of the wedding style is what defines you. Boho style is all about being true to yourself! Flowy wedding dresses, exquisite details, unruly and wild bouquets – if those things make you excited, inspired, and happy – a bohemian wedding may be a perfect fit for you.

Click here to learn more ways to tell if you’re a boho bride.


What Sets a Boho Wedding Apart From The Rest?

A boho wedding is all about connection to earth and nature. It’s a ceremony that has a relaxed, carefree, and stress-free feel to it. If you’re thinking about a bohemian wedding as a mythical, fantasy book coming to life in the middle of an enchanted forest, you would be absolutely right! Boho weddings have a distinct magical and romantic atmosphere to them. From lush greenery to vibrant blooms, freedom to express your creativity lies in the foundation of a bohemian wedding. 

boho wedding tips

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Boho weddings are usually simple and minimalistic (doesn’t mean you can’t go all in!). The decor and food are easy to fit into your budget, no matter how big or small. Whether you want to look more informal and casual or feminine and romantic, you can have it all at the boho wedding.

What’s The Difference Between a Rustic And Boho Wedding?

You’re in the middle of planning your picture-perfect bohemian wedding. You have already spent hours figuring out what the bohemian wedding theme is for you. Now you stumbled upon rustic wedding-inspired pictures. Aren’t they the same? What determines each? Your head is full of questions, and you are doubting those hours you spent on research. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you!


While rustic and boho weddings may seem the same, they have some distinct differences. Boho is more romantic, ethereal, and whimsical. Rustic, on the other hand, nurtures a more organic mindset with lots of greenery, organic and outdoorsy elements.


A rustic wedding theme requires natural colors with plenty of rural elements, such as barrels, burlap,  galvanized metals, and woodsy accents, as well as decorative details that evoke a village flair. Boho weddings are generally more bright and vivid with a variety of elements and details that don’t usually have to be paired together. Unlike rustic weddings, boho weddings do not have to fit in a neutral and more traditional color palette.


There is some similarity between the two, but there are differences as well. If you think that a rustic wedding is natural, with lots of outdoorsy elements, and organic details you’re absolutely right. A boho wedding theme is more whimsical and free-spirited. 


Tip: The best part? You can mix up the two and have a divine rustic boho celebration!

What Should You Consider While Planning a Boho Wedding?

There are many things to consider when planning your ideal wedding. It is absolutely OK to want to have a beautiful and memorable wedding day no matter how big or small it is. The boho wedding theme is carefree, celestial, and artsy, but that doesn’t mean you have to let things play out the way they’re meant to be. Here are some of our tips on how to plan a boho wedding.

Boho Weddings: Budget

Boho weddings are stylish, magical, and most importantly, inexpensive. The best part about the bohemian theme is that you can get experimental while keeping it small and relaxed at the same time. It is an easy wedding theme where you don’t have to be picky about making it perfect. From thrifted decorations and handmade elements to wedding attire and wedding cake, everything can be less expensive and minimalistic.


You can also cut out the cost of a wedding venue by seeking out free places like the woods, a cousin’s farm, your friend’s backyard, or your grandparents’ beach house. Boho dresses and grooms attire can be less expensive and still look fantastic too.  


Wedding planning can be stressful and exhausting. Our advice – try to keep it simple! Don’t worry too much about getting everything right and perfect. Try to keep things easy-going and have some fun with it!


Tip: Instead of wedding gifts, ask your friends and family to help you with decorations, food, and drinks.

Boho Wedding: Venue

ultimate boho wedding

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Choosing a boho wedding venue can be a discouraging task for couples who don’t know what to look for. With all the choices, it’s hard to know where to start and what questions to ask when searching for boho wedding venues. For the boho bride that often means that a ceremony and reception will most likely be outdoor, perfectly imperfect, with crisp air and natural surroundings.


Here are some questions that will help guide you and your partner in your search for the perfect bohemian wedding venue:


  • What do you envision as your perfect wedding day?
  • Do you prefer an outdoor venue under a starry night or an indoor venue in case you worry that the weather is quite unpredictable? Or maybe a combination of both?
  • What’s the best season for you and your fiance to have your wedding?
  • How many people does the space accommodate?
  • What kind of services does the venue offer? Tent for an outdoor wedding in case of emergency? Space for your ceremony, if you’re planning to have the ceremony and reception at the venue? Parking for you and your quests?


There’s nothing more magical for a boho couple than to have a wedding ceremony outdoors, where you can see the blue skies, green trees, and bright flowers. The bohemian wedding is all about finding the beauty in simple pleasures and enjoying nothing but this moment with your loved ones.

Boho Wedding: Location

As you may already know, a classic bohemian wedding takes place outdoors and is as close to Mother Nature as possible. Outdoor or rustic type venues are a great option that can be less expensive than a traditional wedding venue. Boho style refers to an easy-going, free-spirited, and casual wedding. Any place where the beauty of nature shines will be perfect!

ultimate boho wedding

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Here are some options:


  • Beaches
  • Woodland (has an open canopy, which allows more sunlight to enter)
  • Forests (have less light and sparse layer of plants)
  • Camping or Glamping
  • Deserts
  • Wineries
  • Treetops
  • Greenhouses and Conservatories
  • Backyards
  • Hilltops
  • Barns and Ranches

Boho Wedding: Best Season

When you picture your dream wedding, what season comes to mind? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a green and fresh spring wedding or rather hot and golden summer wedding? Or perhaps the idea of a white snowy winter makes you the most excited for your big day. Each season is full of surprises and its own magic.


However, since boho style usually focuses on connection with nature we recommend looking into summer. With its bright and vivid colors, warm weather, and endless possibilities for outdoor sittings.


Not a fan of high temperatures and summer bugs? Late spring or early fall can also be a great time to celebrate your love. Just make sure you check the weather or have a backup plan in case your outdoor dream will not work.


Ultimately, it is up to you and your partner. We have a feeling it is going to be beautiful no matter which season you choose!

Food and Drinks

Stressed about food and drinks? No need to worry! A bohemian wedding is not about silver serving, long tables, and a three-course sit-down menu, it is about a close-to-nature and non-traditional atmosphere, and a creative food palette. If you’re on a small budget, you can make your food. Ask your family and friends to bring a dish on a nice plate that matches the colors of the wedding theme. This can drastically reduce your food wedding costs. The money you save can be used towards other wedding necessities like photography or venues.

From taco stations to mini slider burgers, the way you present the food can really set the tone of the day and create a talking point amongst your guests.


Here are some of our ideas:


  • Potluck
  • Food Trucks
  • Street Carts
  • Bowl Food (Small portions of your favourite dishes served in a bowl. The idea is that your guests can enjoy the food whilst standing and mingling.)
  • Table Picnics


Want to add something unique? Try serving some yummy extras at the DIY food stations. Candyfloss, caramel apples, popcorn, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!


Although you can’t beat a good glass of champagne at the wedding, there is no reason why you shouldn’t opt for other drinks. Craft beers, local wine, a soda stream station, and even a cocktail hour are great options to get your guest in the mood.

boho wedding tips

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Here are some low-cost alternatives:


  • Allow guests to bring their own booze
  • Look into local breweries and wineries
  • Serve one or two of your signature cocktails instead of the full bar
  • Offer a range of non-alcoholic beverages
  • You can also skip the alcohol altogether

Boho Wedding Cake

If you are currently on the hunt p

for your wedding cake inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. The greatest thing with the boho wedding theme is that your cake options are endless. Bohemian style is artistic and unconventional.

The cake can be casual yet elegant, traditional yet unique, making it a perfect choice for the free-spirited couple. With blooms, leafy vines, organic details, natural elements, and color palettes of Earth tones, boho cakes are the perfect choice for your lovely laid-back wedding day. From rustic naked cakes to vivid buttercream flower cakes, the cake is sure to complete your bohemian wedding look.


Don’t want a cake? Cupcakes, cake pops, donuts, cookies, and macaroons are the perfect, fun, and unique alternative to the wedding cake. You can display them beautifully on your dessert stand, decorating each one differently with intricate flowers, greenery, and colorful frostings.

Click here for more delicious cake alternatives!

Tip: If your budget doesn’t allow for a multi-layered cake – go for a single tier. Quality over quantity is always better!

Boho Wedding Favors

Who doesn’t love a fun and memorable gift to take home at the end of the wedding? We are fans of wedding favors that are practical, significant and that won’t go to waste. However, we can’t stress enough that you DO NOT NEED to have wedding favors at your wedding. If your budget doesn’t include favors or you simply don’t want to spend time on more things, skip this part.


For those of you who want to offer a small gift as a thank you gesture to the family and friends, a wedding favor is a great way to do that. You can DIY and personalize your wedding favors, making them as unique as the two of you!


Here are some of our boho wedding favors ideas:


  • Funky and personalized candles
  • Potted plants or even flower seed packets
  • Homemade jams, cookies, and chocolates
  • DIY dreamcatchers, macrame keychains, bottle openers, coasters, or stickers
  • Alcohol – from wine and champagne bottles to uniquely your cocktail blends
  • Coffee beans, hot chocolate blends, or loose leaf tea mason jars

Boho Wedding Dress

ultimate boho wedding

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Boho wedding dresses come in a variety of textures and styles. While many assume a bohemian dress means a casual design, it doesn’t have to be like that. Boho style is light, flowy, and free-spirited with elegant elements of nature along with some romanticism and divinity.


The boho bride looks for a laid-back, comfortable, and relaxed vibe, whilst still feeling gorgeous and looking feminine and delicate. The dresses come in an enormous variety of styles, so you will be able to find something that is right for you! From bridal gowns with a long train to floaty long-sleeved gowns, your options are endless. 


However, how can you decide which boho dress is your match? Now that is a big question! Regardless of what style of wedding you choose, the dress is going to be a strong focal point. Bohemian wedding dresses come in different styles and textures from playful lace bell sleeves and a romantic open back to simple slim dresses.

Certain elements and details like spaghetti straps, fringe and sequin, flirty mermaid silhouettes, and whimsical and delicate floral lace give boho wedding dresses their signature celestial, romantic, and free-spirited look.

Dress Ideas

ultimate boho wedding

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Visit our dress finder and dive into the following looks:



Clearly, there are so many stunning options for bohemian wedding looks! Be brave and try on as many different styles as you can until you will feel – THIS IS THE ONE! We can’t wait to see how gorgeous you look!


Find bridal stores near you: bridal stores near me search tool and take a look at the look book

Boho Wedding: Shoes

You have your dress, now what? You need to start thinking about shoes and accessories to finish off your look! Choosing the right pair of shoes is key to ensuring a smooth and memorable walk down the aisle. With endless varieties of styles, colors, and textures, you have multiple options to choose from. The beauty of boho weddings, you can wear whatever you want. We mean it, WHATEVER YOU WANT!


From wedding heels and bridal boots to comfy sneakers and sparkling sandals, boho wedding shoes will elevate any wedding look. The best part? You don’t have to have just one pair. It’s your wedding day! You can have as many pairs of wedding shoes as you want! You can wear a pair of white heels down the aisle and then change into something more comfortable for the reception and dance party.


Wedding shoes that look incredible with boho wedding dresses are:


  • White or ivory heels
  • Nude platform sandals
  • Brown vegan or faux leather shoes
  • Patterned wedges with an open toe
  • Floral wedding boots
  • Boho booties with fringe on the sides
  • Pastel flats
  • Gladiator style sandals


Want to connect with Mother Nature even more? You can be a barefoot bohemian bride! Opt for rhinestone, ribbon, bow, or lace ankle bracelets to finish your boho wedding look. If you’re looking for a touch of romance and magic, go with flowers and greenery around your ankles.


Our best tip? Keep an open mind and experiment! You might be surprised when you find your perfect pair where you weren’t looking.

boho wedding tips

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Boho Hairstyle

Boho brides need a hairstyle that’s as relaxing and ethereal as they are. If you’re looking for a romantic and celestial wedding, the last thing you want is to have a tight bun or a sleek ponytail.

Worry you may look unpolished and unfinished? Don’t! Boho weddings always have a laid-back and free-spirited atmosphere. The beauty of the boho theme is in imperfections and a touch of effortless elegance and chic. Braids, messy buns, or long loose curls combined with flower crowns, greenery, or crystals will make the whole bridal look come together.


Don’t know where to start? We have all the inspo right here:


  • Half Up Half Down – perfect for longer hair and fits the boho wedding theme
  • Braids – messy but still divine (go with french, dutch, fishtail, or any other)
  • Messy Updos – ideal for those who want to have hair out of the face
  • Low Ponytails – simple but still elegant
  • Natural Waves –  whimsical and romantic


You can add colorful flowers and greenery into a braid, updo, or ponytail for a unique and beautiful bohemian wedding hairstyle. No matter the style you choose, you are guaranteed to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day!

Boho Accessories

The best thing about accessories is that it ties your wedding look together. It’s not just a way to create that perfect wedding look. It’s about transforming and elevating your wedding look throughout your big day from ceremony to reception. You will treasure those delicate and divine pieces for years to come.

Whimsical yet elegant and feminine, bohemian wedding styling is as individual and unique as you are. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options – from floral crowns to tiaras, from delicate lace arm cuffs to personalized jackets. Bohemian jewelry is often nature-themed, romantic, ethereal, and has earthy elements.


Tip: Don’t go overboard with accessories. Instead, choose a few key pieces to compliment your wedding look!


For bohemian brides looking for something other than a flower crown, look at feathers, leaves, hair vines, and accessories with blossoms, rhinestones, and geodes. Sometimes the most simple accessories can make the biggest impression.


When it comes to boho wedding accessories, there are many different options to choose from. We’ve gathered some of our favorites for you:


  • Arm and shoulder jewelry
  • Statement earrings with bold colors and unique design
  • Bohemian white, tan, black, or brown hat
  • Bridal tiaras with geodes, pearls, crystals, and rhinestones
  • Vintage or personalized jackets


At the end of the day, you should wear whatever will make you feel the most divine and confident on your wedding day!

Boho Veil

While there are many beautiful boho accessories and whimsical headpieces, you might be destined for some ethereal boho bridal veil.


boho wedding tips

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Finding the perfect bohemian wedding veil might sound challenging. Veils come in all shapes and sizes, from blusher veil to drape veil, your options are endless; it’s just a matter of finding the right to complement your boho wedding dress. The bohemian veil can be worn to contrast a minimal gown or a whimsical wedding gown. 


Tip: The basic rule – choose your veil after you choose your dress.


If a traditional veil is not really your style, consider lacework, macrame, or even bright colors for your boho wedding veil. A wedding veil with floral or greenery embroidery can be a great addition to your whimsical wedding look. You can also go with a vintage veil that your grandmother has been keeping in her drawers for ages now! 


Our advice – try on different styles, colors, patterns, and even textures of veils with your wedding dress to determine if it’s the right choice for you and your wedding day.

Boho Wedding Bouquets

Not into traditional wedding white and pink bouquets? Trust us, we understand! The Bohemian wedding style is so romantic, ethereal, and whimsical, and so are the boho wedding bouquets. Wild and bright flowers, lots of greenery, feathers, ferns, and vines all together make the perfect wedding bouquet. The textures, levels, and colors – make a unique wedding bouquet to accent your look!

The Boho theme means freedom and artistic expression. A beautifully composed wedding bouquet can express your individuality and creativity. Since boho is all about nature, the bouquets are made mostly from plants easy to find in the garden, forests, or woodlands.


Boho wedding bouquets are large, bright and with irregular shapes, lines, and textures. From succulents, eucalyptus, and cascading greenery to feathers, dried flowers, and berries – pretty much anything can be used to make your perfect bohemian wedding bouquet.

Don’t want fresh flowers? Dried boho wedding bouquets are also a thing! They are more cost-effective, more sustainable, and also have more unique colors and shapes. You can also dye or spray them to match your boho wedding theme even more. From dried Pampas Grass and White Thistle to dried wildflowers, seed pods, and dried grasses – your options are endless!


The best part? You will enjoy your wedding bouquet even after your wedding day has passed. Just frame them or place them in a vase of your choice to create a reminder of your best day ever!

Don’t want a traditional boho bouquet? Check out our ideas on wedding bouquet alternatives!

Boho Boutonnieres

Unlike any traditional wedding, a boho wedding theme leaves room for experimenting with your accessories and details. Boutonnieres are often overlooked by the wedding couple. We think this super small but mighty detail deserves all the attention! Try to choose items that match your style. You can use dried flowers and greenery to make your boutonnieres ahead of time. Mix local and seasonal flowers with a bright pop of colors, unique shapes, and patterns. The main rule with bohemian weddings – you can never have too many flowers!

Boho Wedding: Groom Attire

While many think that there is no reason to worry about the groom’s attire as you can go with a classic black tuxedo, we believe the groom is as important as the bride. There are in fact a lot of different options of what attire to wear on the wedding day. From patterned suits, bright vests, and unique shoes, grooms have many ways to express themselves through their wedding day outfits.


Boho weddings are all about freedom to showcase your personality and character. Whether you’re looking for a traditional fit or something more funky and unique, bohemian weddings have space for every idea and vision.


Bohemian Groom’s Suit:

  • Too hot for a jacket? – Go with no jacket look. You can take any white or light-colored shirt with some bright pants. Or you can even add suspenders!
  • Opt-in for bright and unusual colors! – Green, blue, mustard, or even pink suits will definitely catch your guests’ eyes. A mix and match situation is also a great idea for a boho wedding theme.
  • Groom wants a jacket? – Look for interesting textures and patterns. You can go for velvet, tweed, or knit fabrics to give the boho groom a fabulous look!
  • Don’t forget about the shoes! – Cowboy boots, brogues, oxford shoes, or even go shoeless depending on the venue. It is all about being comfortable!
  • He wants to wear a hat? – Go for it! A hat will give your groom a more informal and relaxed look.
  • Funky details are a must-have! – Silly socks, botanical ties, and patterned bowties, or even floral shirts, everything fits the theme of the free-spirited and artsy wedding.


In the end, it’s all about being able to celebrate your wedding day while reflecting on the style and personality of your fiance! There are plenty of ways to style your future husband for the big day, so don’t despair if it takes some time to agree on the fit. Most importantly – give your fiance freedom of choice!

Boho Wedding Bridesmaid’s Dress

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We have already discussed how to find the best boho wedding attire for you and your fiance. But what about bridesmaids? Should they all look the same? Can you have different colors and textures? What about accessories? 


Bridesmaid dresses are one of the most exciting parts of your wedding. The right bridesmaid dress can enhance your wedding theme and your wedding dress. There are a lot of bridesmaid dress  styles to consider for your girls. From any size and color, bohemian bridesmaid dresses are perfect for all body types. With the right choice, your whole wedding theme will come together like a dream!


Here are some of our favorite tips:


  • Go for natural fabrics. A natural bridesmaid look will create a laid-back and relaxed feel for your wedding.
  • Don’t be afraid to use different colors, patterns, prints, and textures.
  • Consider dresses that aren’t perfectly matched to create a unique look.
  • Take inspiration from Mother Nature when choosing bridesmaid dresses. Greenery, blooms, and earthy colors will make a great bridesmaid dress.
  • Think about dressing your bridesmaids in dresses of different lengths.


 The boho-inspired dress is an accessible, chic, and romantic way to dress your bridesmaids.

Boho Flower Girls

Once you’ve chosen a theme for your wedding, you want everything on your wedding day to be perfectly on theme. From bridal and groom attires to cake and decorations, your wedding party has to be on point no matter what. This includes your flower girl or girls (have as many as you want!).


Usually, the youngest at the wedding, a flower girl walks down the aisle right before the bride, so her look is just as important as the brides. Your flower girl should match your wedding colors, accessories, and bohemian decor.


The flower girl dress can vary depending on when and where you are getting married. As you go through the multiple pages on Google looking for a bohemian flower girl dress of your dream, it’s important to keep your budget and expectations low. Think lace, floral embellishments, and sequins, delicate tulle, glass stones, and beads.


The beauty of a flower girl dress is in its simplicity. While the choice of the flower girl dress depends on the wedding couple, both the couple, the flower girl, and the flower girl’s parents should take part in deciding what the youngest attendant will wear. Boho flower girl dresses could be used again for a wedding reception, birthday, or a celebration of any kind – who doesn’t love a versatile dress?!


To finish the look add some boho wedding accessories such as colorful flower crowns, sparkling hair clips with crystal elements, small wildflower bouquets, or cute brown hats for the ultimate boho experience.

Boho Photography

You have your wedding dress, groom’s suit, flowers, and cake – you may ask yourself what you’re missing? Someone who will capture all those precious moments!


@_hannahmarich La Perle by Calla Blanche Noor LP2101


Choosing the right wedding photographer is an important decision and it’s crucial to find not only a pro who can document your wedding day with style but also a photographer who understands you and you feel comfortable with. They will be by your side the entire wedding day, so you need to make sure that you vibe with them in every sense of way and that they have the same energy as you basically.


Ask your recently married family members or friends whose wedding photos you loved for a recommendation. Also, make sure what style of photography you like – maybe you want more colors, or perhaps you want something dark and moody, or you’re more of a traditional photo lover? Keep that in mind when you start looking for photographers. This will ensure that you choose the right one!


However, before booking your photographer, set your budget first! Make sure that you understand what the wedding photography package includes: Is it an hourly rate or a flat rate, what about wedding albums, prints, and images, how much time the photographer will spend with you? Don’t forget to ask when you can receive everything.


Tip: Schedule a test run for your wedding photographer. Do an engagement photoshoot or a couple of photo sessions to make sure you’re comfortable with your photographer!

Boho Wedding Guest Dress Code 

Wondering what your guests should wear to a boho wedding? Fortunately, there are plenty of bohemian wedding guest outfits out there that are both flattering and practical for any type of ceremony. Given the theme of the wedding, bohemian guest attire often includes vivid colors, floral designs, and lots of nature-inspired patterns. But there are other things to consider when choosing your wedding guest’s apparel, like what was included in your invitation, your budget, and your preferences.

Are you a guest of a boho wedding wondering what to wear? Bohemian weddings are often very informal and artistic, but if you’re invited, you’ll still want to look incredible while being effortless and comfortable. When it comes to boho dress attire for weddings, you can’t go wrong with flowy floral dresses and nature-inspired patterns. If the invitation doesn’t specify the dress code, you’re free to choose whatever you want! Let your own style guide you with how you want to dress for the bohemian wedding. Choose wisely and you’ll have a bohemian wedding guest dress that will be a great fit for the wedding ceremony and reception, as well as other celebrations.

Pair your wedding guest attire with some jewelry and fancy shoes to complete your look. 

Don’t want to wear heels? Opt for sandals, flats, or even a pair of sparkling sneakers.


Tip: Never wear white! Unless the invitation says otherwise.

Boho Wedding: Decor

We’ve all spent hours scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram looking for wedding inspiration and decoration ideas. The main advantage of bohemian weddings is that the rules are flexible and everything from the venue to the cake is typically very budget-friendly. Most boho wedding decorations are inspired by nature and include earthy tones, airy materials, floral, greenery, and natural elements. 

Boho Wedding Invites

Set the tone for a boho wedding with wedding invitations that hints at the theme. The right wedding invitation will help you select other things faster and easily such as wedding color palette, style, and decorations. Wedding invitations will also help your guests to understand the wedding dress code better, whether you’re planning a formal or more laid-back wedding.

Look for dried flowers and greenery. Think pampas grass, dried blooms, palm spears, feathers, and leaves. Go for designs that incorporate lush flowers, elements of nature, and earthy tones. Use the color palette more suitable to your season, if needed. For a fall wedding add pops of rich and warm colors, such as burgundy, gold, yellow, red, and orange. Planning on a spring wedding? Go for lots of green, blush, and lavender colors in your wedding invitations. 


You can even send virtual invitations to save some money and time! Paperless wedding invitations are more environmentally-friendly, and RSVP-ing to them will be so much easier. Design them yourself, or ask your artsy friends to customize them according to your wedding style and colors.


Most importantly – have fun with your wedding invites!

colors to use

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Boho Wedding Colors

When it comes to choosing your wedding colors, the first thing you should consider is the vibe and the look you’re going for on your big day! Bohemian wedding color palettes are usually associated with warmth, natural elements, and eclectic details. Whether you’re dreaming about a feminine and romantic or more earthy and free-spirited bohemian wedding, there’s a lot of options to choose from.


Boho wedding colors are usually a mix of vibrant, eclectic, and jewel tones for the ultimate bohemian vibe. While you may think that these tones are better suited for a fall or a summer wedding, you can also experiment and find what works best for you. Want a bohemian winter wedding? We say, who are we to stop you?!



Because nature and organic elements are so fundamental to a boho wedding theme, we recommend taking inspiration from your surroundings, weather, and the season of your choice.

Fall weddings call for deep green, terracotta, copper, and burgundy. For a winter wedding, choose deep blue or ice blue, black, gold, and gray. Into spring weddings? Then blush, white, mauve, dusty blue, peach, emerald, and mint colors are a match for you. A summer wedding is calling your name? Have fun with sage green, champagne, turquoise, lemon, lavender, and pink!



Don’t want a vibrant palette and would prefer something more laid-back? Choose muted colors instead. It will help to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for your wedding space.

Boho Wedding Arch

When it comes time to say “I Do”, you’ll need a wedding arch that frames your couple perfectly. Your arch is also a great place to add something unique and set the tone for the rest of the wedding. Consider a floral arch with ferns and vines, which will bring a pop of color and a whimsical feel to your bohemian wedding.


Don’t want a flower arch? Use natural wood to create different shapes and structures such as triangles, circles, or octagons. Decorate it with drapery, colorful ribbons, and plenty of macrame to create something memorable, funky, and uniquely yours.

Bohemian Centerpieces

Centerpieces set the scene for your wedding reception, it is what highlights the table setting. A truly bohemian centerpiece includes lots of flowers, feathers, bright pops of colors, and greenery. You can tailor the centerpiece to your wedding season as well by adding some dried berries for a summer touch of bold orange, yellow, and burgundy colors for a fall wedding.


Use these ideas as an inspiration for your boho wedding centerpiece:


  • Experiment with colorful vases, pots, and terrariums for your greenery and flowers
  • Go for  potted succulents, cactuses, moss, and aloe vera
  • Consider candles of various colors, sizes, textures, and shapes
  • Use feathers, dried flowers, greenery, herbs, eucalyptus, and pampas grass
  • Add lace, macrame, or mismatched tablecloth

DIY Boho

The Bohemian wedding theme is great for those couples who like to keep the budget in check. There is so much room to DIY unique and pretty decor items that are perfect for boho weddings. Think candles in mason jars, lush greenery and succulents in terrariums, hanging and draping florals, and rugs of different shapes and patterns.


music and entertainment

@courtney_leigh_photo La Perle by Calla Blanche Gwen LP2018

You can save some money by ordering your flowers in bulk and doing flower arrangements yourself. From decorating otherwise plain chairs to adding finishing touches to your wedding aisle – you will definitely get the most out of these flowers.


It is even possible that you, as a bohemian bride, may have lots of different and unique things at your home that you can use to decorate your wedding. Ribbons, scarves, bed sheets, books and so much more will make great boho wedding decor. If something doesn’t match your bohemian wedding color theme –  you can always paint or dye it as you want!


The most important part – have fun and do whatever you want!

Boho Music and Entertainment

Choosing the right entertainment and music for your wedding is a key part of wedding planning and keeping your guests entertained. There are so many wedding bands out there and a huge variety of interesting and fun wedding activities, so how to choose the right one for your bohemian wedding?


From solo ceremonies to lively reception bands, your options are endless. We cannot stress enough that every music is wedding music! Have fun choosing songs that are meaningful to you as a couple to play when your guests are seated, or when you walk down the aisle.


To save some money ask your friends and family to act as DJ with their phone or laptop. If you want live music, go with local bands or musicians in your family that are willing to play at your wedding. There’s really something for everyone, from acoustic covers to modern and well-spun hits.


If you’re having an outdoor wedding opt for garden games such as connect four, ring toss, croquet, or bocce ball. For indoor parties try the shoe game, board game stations, drinking games, or bride and groom trivia.


We hope this guide gives you that needed inspiration and will help you plan your ideal boho wedding! Remember to keep an eye on our wedding guides.


If there is anything we can do to make your perfect wedding planning and experience easier and memorable, please do not hesitate to get in touch or use our store locator tool to find the best bridal shop or consultant that will help you find your perfect wedding dress.


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