• Calla Blanche

The Wedding

Updated: May 14

A wedding is an event at which a marriage is performed when two people are brought together in a wedding ceremony. The ceremony can be a formal affair performed by a priest, vicar, rabbi or any other religious officiant. It can also be performed in a civil ceremony by a judge or government official. Exchanging of the vows is a very important part of the wedding, this is also when the rings are exchanged. It is said the third finger of the left hand has a special vein that is connected to the heart, the ring is a symbol of love.

Marriages have existed throughout the ages and was first arranged by parents and families; love was not seen as the reason for marriage, it was more for financial reasons for the groom’s family to receive a dowry, and this tradition still exists today in some ethnic backgrounds.

There are many traditions that are associated to marriage. One tradition is that the bride wore white as a symbol of purity on her wedding day. It is said that Queen Victoria started the white wedding dress trend in 1840 when she married Prince Albert. After she wore her dress, brides around the world followed the trend and it became a status symbol for the more affluent brides to wear white. Today a bride has many choices for her wedding dress that doesn’t always have to be white.

In many cultures, rice was thrown at the bridal couple after the wedding ceremony, this was for them to have good fortune. Many guests of the wedding are known to throw confetti, which is annoying to some because the little paper pieces would be stuck in hair, and clothing, so today you are more likely to blow bubbles at the bridal party.

The wedding reception is one of most fun parts for the bridal party and guests of the wedding. Now it’s time to eat, drink and have some fun. You will hear a toast given by the best man and maid of honor, as well as father of the bride and groom. Entertaining guests at a wedding reception is a tradition in most cultures. The wedding cake is cut and served after dinner, before the dancing. The cutting of the cake has been a long tradition and in some cultural backgrounds the top tier of the cake is saved for the christening of the first born. Next comes the first dance for the bride and groom, most couples choose a special song that will be theirs to remember for always. After the bride and groom dance, the bride and father of the bride will get to dance as well as the groom and mother of the groom. After the reception is over, the bouquet is thrown towards all the single ladies, it is said that whoever catches it will be lucky enough to be the next bride, the garter is removed from the bride’s leg and tossed to the single men.

In todays world, love is the only reason to be married, and dreaming of a beautiful wedding is still a fantasy for young women, and the color of the dress will be your choice.

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