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The Wedding Dress

Updated: May 14

This is what the bride wears on her wedding day. Your wedding dress is one of the most beautiful, as well as, expensive dresses you may buy. The wedding dress is traditionally white or ivory but having another color dress can be your choice. Today’s brides have a wonderful selection of wedding dresses to choose from, and bridal shops and boutiques are very up to date with trends and modern styles.

It is said that Queen Victoria started the white wedding dress trend in 1840 when she married Prince Albert. After she wore her dress, brides around the world followed the trend and it became a status symbol for the more affluent bride. Originally, brides wore the best dress they had on their wedding day, so for the bride from a poor background this meant a black dress that was much less expensive and could be worn many times over. Brides that had more money wore fancier dresses that had luxurious fabrics and colours of gold and silver.

The white wedding dress was more a symbol of purity than wealth and didn’t hit mass popularity until after WW11. Times were hard during the war when most brides couldn’t afford a wedding dress, so they wore their uniforms instead.

Brides in eastern cultures don’t usually wear white. In Asian countries like China and India, red is the chosen colour and signifies luck. African brides also like to wear bright colours on their wedding day and in Japan a bride wears several Kimonos throughout the day.

Styles often change over the decades and although some styles are timeless, there is always a style in each decade that stands out. In the 1950s Grace Kelly married Prince Ranier of Monaco, her wedding dress was designed by a Hollywood costume designer, with alencon lace and silk taffeta. It was very popular right through the sixties and is still thought of as one of the most beautiful styles of today. Short style wedding dresses were popularized in the late fifties through to the sixties after actress Audrey Hepburn wore a tea length dress for her first marriage to Mel Ferrer. Seventies saw an introduction to jersey, which is such an easy fabric to sew and draped beautifully on the silhouette. In the 1980s, we saw Princess Diana marry Prince Charles; whose wedding was watched on TV by millions around the world. Princess Diana wore a beautiful Ivory silk taffeta ballroom style dress with puffed sleeves and a stunning 25-foot train. The nineties brought us the sheath style wedding dress, more simplistic and sleeves almost disappeared. The early part of 2000 we had the pick-up dress, mostly made of shiny satin or taffeta, this was a style that you either loved or hated. Brides in the 2000s were also having more destination weddings, so we saw the destination style dresses with lighter fabrics like crepe or chiffon, and lace made for the hotter climates.

Todays wedding styles are very sophisticated with beautiful lace, silks and crepe. There is a style for every culture and personality, some vintage styles have returned from previous decades like the Bohemian wedding dress styles that are very popular today.

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