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Three Types of Undergarments for Every Wedding Dress Style

Fashion has evolved over time. Wedding dress designers still have an appreciation for classic styles such as a long-sleeve ball gown, or an A-line dress with long lace sleeves, or a satin boat neck trumpet style. However, times have changed and so have fashion trends and the likes and dislikes of modern-day brides. We know you, as a bride-to-be, want to feel like a princess on your wedding day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear something sexy that you know everyone, your significant forever, in particular, will be absolutely in love with. Walking down the aisle in such a special gown and being able to dance the night away with your partner and loved ones, will require the kind of undergarments that adapt to your body and the shape of your dress. There are many wonderful companies out there who understand the struggles of womanhood and our pursuit of not perfection, but comfort and confidence that only the right pair of underwear, and tricks up our sleeve, can provide.

Following is a list of the categories of undergarments that brides can wear to fit into their gorgeous wedding dress and absolutely own it.

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If you feel comfortable wearing a simple pair of beautiful lingerie on your wedding day. The classic strapless and matching panties are absolutely okay. Some ballgowns have a corseted top incorporated to offer support and structure, and you might even be able to forgo a bra. As for the bottom, you can find high waisted stretch panties that will provide comfort and hug your hips for extra comfort. A corset is a timeless piece that can help you achieve that hourglass figure in your A-line gown, such as Zara LA20106.


Certain wedding gowns nowadays are designed with a single layer of material, such as satin or lace, and require the type of undergarment that needs to be invisible to the naked eye. For dresses such as Marina LA9254, experts might suggest wearing a pair of body-skimming stretch slips, also known as Spanx. A spaghetti-strap bodysuit is another great way to achieve the desired effect of “am I wearing underwear? You’ll never know.” It will make you look absolutely flawless in your body-hugging wedding dress.


Women come in different shapes and sizes, and undergarment designers know it’s not fair to compromise our confidence and curves in the name of fashion. To help you feel like the model you are in your stunning wedding dress, brands such as Spanx, SKIMS, and Honeylove, among others have created some form-fitting pieces that will smooth and define your gorgeous body, not with the intent of squeezing anything but to make you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin. These undergarments are the secret for a wonderful body, without compromising your figure and your sanity going on a diet just to fit into a wedding dress.

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Think of these undergarments as beauty aids, and if possible, bring them to your bridal appointments. Don’t take our word for granted, the best person that could assist you in choosing the right kind of undergarments that will fit your body and wedding dress needs is your bridal consultant. Her expertise will be the guidance you need if you’re unsure about trying on that exquisite mermaid dress out of fear of how it will look on your figure. Step outside of your comfort zone when trying on wedding dresses. You might be surprised by how amazing a style that you had never even considered will look on you with the appropriate undergarments. Every person involved in your wedding has one goal in mind: to make you look stunning on the best day of your life. Enjoy the process!

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