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Rehearsal Dinner Toast

Tips and Guidelines for making a Rehearsal Dinner Toast

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Tips and Guidelines for making a Rehearsal Dinner Toast? If you want to know how to write and deliver the perfect toast, you’re in the right place! While bridesmaids haven’t traditionally given toasts during the rehearsal dinner, times are forever changing. So, if you can assist in picking out the perfect wedding dress, then you’re more than capable of delivering a speech for the soon to be newlyweds. Pulling off a toast at the rehearsal dinner is pretty simple once you follow a few simple pointers. Are you lost on where to begin? Let’s first go over the sequence in which your toast should follow.

Introductions and greetings

Rehearsal Dinner Toast

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At the rehearsal dinner, you’re bringing together family members and friends that you may have only met once before at the engagement party, or not at all. The best way to start your speech then is to remind them of who you are. The toast should be short and sweet! Thus, don’t spend all your time on an autobiography; merely your name, relation to the couple, and position in the bridal party will suffice. Also, make sure you take a moment to welcome everyone and thank them for being in attendance for the rehearsal as you all prepare for the upcoming big day.

Share a quote or short anecdote

Take this portion of your toast to recognize the couple’s core traits (or the individual you are honoring) with a quote or short anecdote. It’s always best to show rather than tell the type of person they are; sharing a story or quote that embodies how you see them will communicate this wholly and thoughtfully.

Address the couple directly

At this point, the guests are wrapped into your speech, and you’re already almost done. Now it’s time to get them roaring with laughter or wiping their tears away. Address the bride and groom (or just address one of them and integrate their partner) in a moment of personal and direct appreciation, respect, or complete admiration. Depending on your relationship with the couple, you can offer a piece of advice for a healthy and successful marriage. Here is a moment where you can also establish the beauty of marriage and how their union will be extraordinary.

Congratulate and toast

You’ve made it to the end, so you can wrap things up by congratulating the couple on their union and inviting everyone to raise a glass to toast in their honor.


  • Make sure it’s personal. Avoid using a standard template from google, as the delivery will likely come across dry. Try really digging into who this couple is, what they mean to each other, and how you see them through your eyes.
  • Keep it short and sweet (relative to your role in the wedding). The bride and groom’s parents will likely have longer speeches prepared, followed by the maid of honor and best man. Use their addresses as guidelines; a bridesmaid’s speech should be shorter than theirs but longer than any other wedding guests that aren’t part of the wedding party.
  • Don’t forget to toast and actually drink something. Often people will get carried away with the duty of executing the speech flawlessly but forget the toasting part. It also lets everyone know your toast is complete.
  • Keep things lighthearted, and watch your tone. You can save the super heartfelt stuff for the bride’s father to say or the wedding the next day. Since everyone in attendance at the rehearsal dinner is close and personal to the bride and groom, don’t be afraid to use inside jokes.
  • Avoid mentioning past relationships. It’s always tempting to highlight how perfect the couple is together and how they’ve dodged bullets in their pasts, but it will always leave a stain on your toast.

Final Thoughts

Do what feels most comfortable. If you need to rehearse and have it memorized because that’s what you do best, go for it! However, if public speaking is not your forte and you’d prefer to have your phone or a piece of paper with you, that’s more than okay. Just try your best to look up every once and a while at the bride and groom. These are our best Tips and Guidelines for making a Rehearsal Dinner Toast!

When it comes to delivering the toast, try not to overthink your words too much, and if you ever feel lost, just remember, at the root of it all, you’re there to offer congrats in support of the couple’s union. For more information on bridesmaids’ roles, check out The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid.



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