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Top 5 Venue Ideas To Have Your Fall Wedding Outdoors

An outdoor fall wedding can be a beautiful thing, with the colors of the changing foliage of red, orange, and yellows in the background, the crisp air with a fragrance of pine, and vines covered in berries surrounding you. As soon as you have picked out your dream wedding dress, start looking at venues for your outdoor fall wedding.

  1. Vineyard.

How romantic it would be to have your fall wedding at a vineyard! With a rustic feel and a vintage look, how could you not have the most wonderful wedding ever? Long wooden farmhouse tables covered in white linen cloths, tea lights and jeweled colored flowers, and the best of the vineyard wines. The smell of the fruit trees is intoxicating, along with smells of the freshly cooked food. As an alternate, in case of rain, have an option B on the side, like a Marquee, or an indoor alternative that is on-site.

  1. Garden.

If you have a garden big enough to host the wedding or a family member has a large location, this would be a great fall wedding spot. Build a pergola and cover with vines, put some containers of fall flowers, and fairy lights across space. Set a place with comfortable chairs for lounging along with some warm blankets. Build a pit fire for roasting smores and build a bar to serve some warm hot cider or mulled wine.

  1. An orchard.

Rustic charm and a beautiful setting for a fall wedding could all be at an apple orchard. The scenic view with the leaves in their glory, golden yellow, bright red, and rustic orange covering the grounds along with fallen apples. Set the long wooden rustic tables with candles in heavy pewter holders, an assortment of fruits, cheeses, and bread on rustic wooden centerpieces, to eat while sipping on delicious wines. Make a station for apple cider and signature cocktails.

  1. On the Lake.

If it’s possible for you to have a wedding at a lakefront, then do it! Think about how amazing it would be overlooking the water and having the fall colors around you. Weather permitting, you could set up an outdoor bar, have lanterns for when it gets dark and string light across the trees. Decorate the area with baskets of fall flowers and pumpkins. Have a station serving hot appetizers and you could also have a cupcake stand for later in the evening, along with a fire pit to roast marshmallows.

5. Country Estate.

Looking for something on a grand scale for your fall outdoor wedding? How about a country Estate? You could have your venue in the spectacular gardens with a marquee as a back up in case of rain. The lush trees changing colors and the green lawn that goes on forever would be so special. The pergola filled with green ivy and your favorite fall flowers would be the most beautiful spot to be under to say your vows. Tables covered with white linen cloths, silver chargers, and candelabras are sparkling, and you could have a champagne signature cocktail. Containers filled with fresh Dahlias, lilies, and hydrangeas. Estates are usually upscale; the grounds are very sophisticated so your photography will be beautiful.

I hope you found this article interesting, for more interesting articles please check out our Fall Ultimate Wedding Guide.


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