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Top 5 Wedding Trends For 2020

The year is 2020, and from what we’ve seen so far: anything goes! So why not take advantage of this opportunity and go wild with your wedding plans? We’re not saying forget about traditions, but it’s you can definitely spice things up a bit. You only get married once, right? Make it memorable and unique, and let your spontaneous and creative personality shine through. Throw the rule book out the window and get inspired by these unique trends!

Bridal beauty

Gone are the days of perfectly coiffed chignons and blow-dried hairstyles. When it comes to bridal hair, it’s all about messy perfection. From relaxed, textured up-dos to messy ponytails, paired with a cute vintage barrette, or a hair clip with rhinestones and embellishments, the trick is to look effortlessly chic. The same goes for your makeup! Fresh and dewy looks are here to stay. Highlighting powder, natural foundation, nude lips. No more of those dark eye shadows and red lipstick. Enhance your features and let your beauty shine through!

best wedding dresses

L‘amour by Calla Blanche LA20203 Elektra @tarynlynnphoto

The world is evolving and with it our collective awareness of the environment. There are many aspects of a wedding that can produce a huge amount of waste. Not only is leftover food thrown away, but just setting up a kitchen in an open kitchen-less space, having to ship all the food and supplies over long distances, using flower foam in the floral arrangements… there are some ways in which you can help lessen your wedding’s environmental impact. Think recycled paper stationery and digital invitations & save-the-dates, organic menus, charitable donations for party favors. Eco-friendly extends even to your biggest celebration.

Make it a sustainable Color!

One of the biggest trends we saw last year, that will certainly make an even bigger splash in 2020, is pops of color. The brighter the better! Neutral colored weddings with basic color palettes are a thing of the past. Even your bridesmaids can have a little fun with their dresses! Textures and patterns used to be frowned upon by wedding connoisseurs, but now they are totally allowed in the form of table settings with touches of your favorite color. Let your personality show in your wedding décor! The easiest way to have fun with the rainbow is to get some colorful floral arrangements!

Here comes the bride

All dressed in… not necessarily white. If we learned anything in 2019 is that white wedding dresses are no longer a rule. Case in point: our Whitley LA9105, available in Grey with skin illusion and Blush with skin Illusion, for the whimsical yet modern bride who wants to make a statement and have the time of her life. Now for the bride who wants to shut it down and be seen in a versatile wedding gown that can serve more than one look, our Hannah 18246, skirt, and jacket sold separately, will definitely take your from the runway, or aisle however you’d like to call it, all the way to the dance floor in an exquisite trumpet style embroidered gown that will make you look stunning and glamorous throughout the festivities.

best wedding dresses

L’amour by Calla Blanche LA20223 Chicago @melialucida

Go veil or go home

Want to make a spectacular entrance just like Priyanka Chopra and Megan Markle did at their respective fabulous weddings? It’s all in the veil! No longer considered a bridal accessory, the new trend is the longer, the better. If the aisle is not long enough for a 75-foot-long veil, take a look at our collection of cathedral veils such as V2031C. The finishing touch for your perfect wedding dress!

Now, we’re not saying you have to follow every single trend. Your wedding will be just as fabulous if it’s classic and vintage. Just be open to the possibilities of adding something modern into the mix. Don’t forget it’s the beginning of your, and your partner’s, happily ever after. Make it as special as you wish!

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