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Top Five Magical Fall Wedding Venues in North America

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, and to make it the most memorable, you could choose one of the many magical venues in North America. First, choose the wedding dress of your dreams, then investigate the wedding venue of your dreams. Here are some of the magical fall wedding venues in North America to choose from.

  1. Pelican Hill Resort in California.

Pelican Hill Resort in California is more beautiful than you can ever imagine, the décor and the delicious cuisine at its finest cooked by the best chefs from around the world, are just a couple of reasons why you will have the most unforgettable wedding experience. Surrounded by lots of olive trees and luscious lavender trees that send an aroma around the resort, with the Pacific Ocean in the background it is truly a paradise any time of the year, it will take your breath away. As if that’s not enough to entice you, there is also a full salon station in the bridal suite which is complimentary.

2. Sunset Key Cottages in Key West.

Enjoy a spectacular stay at the sunset key west cottages in key west Florida where the sandy beach and scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean are breathtaking. It is a location where you could have your venue any time of year, say your vows under a pergola covered with lush vines and tropical flowers, and palm trees everywhere. There are cottages that could be used for your guests that are planning an overnight stay, these cottages are overlooking the rocks with the Atlantic sea crashing against them.

  1. Mountainside Resort in Vermont.

Have your fall wedding at a mountain resort, there are many to choose from throughout North America. Vermont has a reputation for some of the best fall landscapes and rustic charm, there are waterfalls, blue lakes, the sunlight shining off the trees giving out golden rays. Your nuptials could be under a rose-covered arch surrounded by oak trees, with the vibrant colors of the changing leaves of red, gold, and orange. An evening stroll to see the sunset over the mountain ranges will be breathtaking.

  1. Casa Loma in Toronto, Ontario.

Casa Loma is a castle built in 1914 overlooking the beautiful Toronto skyline. It has amazing rooms such as the glass pavilion where the sun shines through in the daytime and the stars at night. It has the library for a romantic setting with the chandeliers hanging down creating a fairy-tale ambiance. In the fall the beautiful gardens are changing their colors, the leaves turning gold and red, and the trees every shade of brown and green. The water features give a relaxing feel and you could stand on the terrace to look at the city at night. Imagine how awesome your photography would be.

  1. A Chalet on Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, BC.

Grouse Mountain is close to downtown Vancouver and you could have your fall wedding venue at its peak. The chalet is large with a great fireplace and containers of fresh fall flowers everywhere. The city lights far down below and the stars close above with views that are magical. Pine trees covered in snow twinkling from the deflexion of the string lights that cover the outside of the chalet. Say I do in the middle of the mountains, you could take a chair lift to the very top for a spectacular photography shoot or just hang out on one of the outdoor decks.

Hope you have found this article interesting, for more interesting articles please check out our Ultimate Fall Wedding Guide.

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