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Trinity: as seen on Love Is Blind


There’s a limited number of things we can do to keep ourselves entertained while in quarantine. If you’re anything like us, you must have already binge-watched every single Netflix series, from crime documentaries to lovey-dovey reality shows. Speaking of realities, did you watch Love Is Blind? During one of the most riveting season finales in the history of Netflix, we all got to witness Giannina being turned down at the altar by Damian. To be fair, a lot of faithful fans of the show already saw it coming.


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Even more shocking than that? Heartbroken and in her haste to leave the venue, Gigi slipped on a patch of grass which led to a big mud stain on her gorgeous wedding dress! For those of you who don’t know yet, the stunning gown she was wearing was designed by none other than Calla Blanche. Trinity 16244 is one of the most iconic pieces in our Fall 2016 collection, featuring an exquisite a-line style with an ultra-chic beaded bodice. Several conspiracy theories surrounded the sudden disappearance of the mud patch on her wedding dress within what seemed like mere minutes. The truth came out a few days after the episode aired, when Chris Coelen, the producer of Love Is Blind, confessed that it was Gigi, with the help of her loving mom, who spent hours behind the scenes cleaning up the stain on the chiffon skirt of her ivory wedding dress. Cleaning up a mud stain in a wedding dress is near impossible, but it all depends on the quality of the material and the type of fabric involved.

Chiffon is widely used in the fashion industry for its elegant drape, soft touch and moderate sheen. It is a plain balanced weave in which similar weighted weft and warp threads are used on the loom, generating a criss-cross pattern that gives chiffon its characteristic luxurious, sheer effect.


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You’ll find chiffon in the Spring-Summer collections of various designers, due to its light weave that provides air ventilation. It is also a strong and stretchy fabric, able to withstand dramatic exits like the one we all got to witness on Love Is Blind.

When it comes to caring for a chiffon dress, we highly recommend dry cleaning. For tough and impromptu mud patches, however, hand washing is also considered a great aid. Wash with cold water and mild detergent, and let it soak for 30 minutes. Do not wring, you don’t want it to lose it shape and drape, just gently lay it on a flat surface to dry.

Also, we’ve heard that a mom’s magic touch can go a long way into saving an unfortunate situation. Not only did her words of advice put Gigi at ease which led to her having a conversation with Damian hours after the incident, but she miraculously returned her stunning Calla Blanche dress back to its pristine, camera-ready condition.

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