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Wedding Bouquet Alternatives For A Boho Bridal Bouquet

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Wedding Bouquet Alternatives For A Boho Bridal Bouquet: Besides wedding dresses, bridal bouquets are a major part of your big day no matter what theme, style, or venue you’re having for your wedding. It’s no secret that everybody loves big bunches of blooms and greenery for their wedding bouquet. However, wedding flowers can be one of the most expensive items in any wedding budget. That said, bridal flowers aren’t essential for every bride. Some may wonder, what to carry down the aisle instead of traditional lush florals?

Here are some alternatives to the traditional boho wedding bouquet!

Feather Bouquet

wedding bouquet

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If you’re looking for flower alternatives that can be stress-free and budget-friendly, opt for feathers. It’s a great option for a more whimsical, textural, and vibrant bouquet and will definitely add a pop of color to your wedding. Feathers come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. They are a great choice for a boho, rustic or vintage bride. Not only is it a statement-making piece, but it is also an ideal bouquet for a bride looking to DIY her wedding bouquet or decorations. Soft, ethereal, and absolutely stunning, feather bouquets will definitely add an extra touch of magic to your wedding.

Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are perfect for any wedding theme, but especially for a boho bride and bridesmaids. Created by Native Americans, they symbolize protection from bad dreams only allowing good thoughts while you sleep – which makes them a great addition to a day filled with love and happiness. Dream catchers can have feathers, beads, fabric, feathers, blooms, greenery, and even macrame. Add a flowing ribbon, delicate lace, or tightly wound twine to make them even more dramatic. When purchasing a dream catcher, make sure to support Indigenous businesses. 


A gorgeous wedding bouquet alternative, hoops are whimsical, versatile, asymmetrical, and extremely lightweight. This delicate wreath is made of wood or metal (gold, silver, white, or basically any color you want) with plenty of flowers and greenery. You can also opt for a minimal floral arrangement. By using real or even faux blooms, these flower hoops make a unique wedding bouquet. No matter the size of the hoop, florals and lush greenery will stand out and have all your guests’ attention on you! Hoop bouquets are also a great alternative to a bouquet for bridesmaids and flower girls. They pair beautifully with the boho bride’s overall wedding theme.


wedding bouquet

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Herb Bouquet

If flowers are not your thing, opt for fragrant herbs, fresh or dried. We love the idea of herb-filled wedding bouquets. They look whimsical and smell divine. From fresh eucalyptus and mint to fragrant rosemary and lavender, these beautiful herb bouquets are perfect for boho and rustic brides. Moreover, they won’t break the bank! In addition, you can include herbs in the groom’s boutonniere and add something special to the wedding decor. Opt for thyme, rosemary, sage, lavender, basil, parsley, mint, or even baby dill for an extra boho or rustic appeal and an added fragrant aroma.


Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to shake a tambourine? It is said that tambourines have been in women’s hands for centuries as they celebrate victories or happy events of life. Incorporating tambourines into your wedding can create lasting memories for all your wedding guests. Besides, tambourines are not just beautiful and whimsical, they are also functional.

Tambourines are also easy to customize to fit your wedding theme and colors. Decorate your tambourine with ribbon, lace, greenery, and blooms to make it pop even more!

Fruit and Vegetable Bouquet

Bored with all the traditional wedding bouquets you’re seeing? Try fruits and/or veggies! The best part of fruit and veggie bouquets is that they come in all colors, shapes, textures, and sizes transforming your classic bouquet into something truly unique and memorable. They can make gorgeous bouquets, decorations, centerpieces, and even unique boutonnieres. Fruit and vegetable bouquets are perfect for boho couples since they are the epitome of earthy, organic, and natural.

Opt for bright and vibrant colors and forms for your wedding bouquet to cause some drama. Florists like to use oranges, apples, cabbage, lemons, limes, pineapples, squash, and even carrots. Not only will this bouquet be a stunning addition to any wedding, but it is a budget and eco-friendly option as well.

Fern Bouquet

wedding bouquet

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Non-floral wedding bouquets are extremely popular for boho and rustic weddings, and more and more couples go for wedding greenery bouquets, boutonnieres, invitations, and decorations. One of the most popular types of greenery is definitely the fern.

Wild, lush, textural, and eye-catching, fern bouquets are amazing not only for more natural weddings such as boho, rustic, and garden, but also for vintage, modern, and minimalist weddings.

Ferns have various shades and unique shapes, making your bouquet voluminous and intricate. You can also opt for a mix of different berries, eucalyptus, and blooms to add some pops of color!

Green wedding bouquets are extremely versatile and budget-friendly, and they will definitely wow your wedding guests.


We hope that you use some of these wedding bouquet ideas on your dream wedding day! For more ways to make your boho wedding memorable, check out The Ultimate Boho Wedding Guide!


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