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Wedding Dresses Suited For Smaller Weddings

Wedding Dresses Suited for Smaller Weddings

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Congratulations, you’re getting married – that must be so much fun to say! You and your partner have made one significant decision – having a small wedding, and now you’re ready to make a second crucial decision – your wedding dress. Therefore, if you’re looking for a bit of a simpler dress that will compliment your small wedding venue and atmosphere, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorites, all of which have simpler silhouettes, or minimal detailing and are sure to fit your style in addition to your small wedding.

Calla Blanche 

121104 Thalia: Okay, we know what you’re thinking; this is pretty glamorous for a small wedding.

Wedding Dresses Suited For Smaller Weddings

La Perle by Calla Blanche Sierra LP2233

But we also know that some of you still want an all-out look; and if that’s you, this dress might be the one. Moreover, it features a beautifully refined detailed finishing from top to bottom in a simple sheath silhouette. And just look at her plunging v-neckline! You will likely need to pick your partner’s jaw up from the floor once they see you. Don’t worry; we understand that even though it’s just you two, you may still want to glam things up a bit.


122124 Louisa: If you’re looking for a lovely and traditionally designed dress that still shows off your curves, Louisa is your girl! With long sleeves and an incredible diamond shaped v neckline, this sheath silhouette dress is the perfect simplified glam look for your small wedding.

121118 Bethany: This dress allows you to pull off a beautifully elegant look. With minimal and refined detailing on the bodice and at the ends of the train, you can achieve just the right amount of mix between a traditional and modern look with this wedding dress.

La Perle

LP2206 Ambrose: Pure simplicity is what this dress demonstrates. A classic A-line dress with delicate spaghetti straps, there is nothing complicated about this dress; and yet it does everything right. You will feel like a princess when you put this dress on. Moreover, it is perfectly fitting for any small wedding. And she has POCKETS!

LP2243 Kacey: Looking for more of a statement? This simple yet sexy form-fitting mermaid silhouette dress offers up a boho-chic lace detailing from head to toe. It’s romantic sweetheart necklines adds to its simplicity and makes it a perfect small wedding gown.

LP2233 Sierra: You can find another gorgeous and sweet A-line silhouette in Sierra! This silhouette compliments the lace detailing from top to bottom and the flowing cascading train that follows. This boho look is adorable and features a sweetheart neckline. We honestly believe you’ll bring your parents to tears when they see you in this dress.


LA22105 Lucy: Another gorgeous sheath silhouette paired with a lovely straight neckline and a sexy open back. The Lucy dress is a purely lavish look that’s sure to make your partner speechless.

LA23102 Lynn: Looking for a little drama in your micro-wedding? Then, the Lynn dress has everything you need. 3D lace, cascading train to match, and a dramatic high slit for your legs to make an appearance. Did we mention her sexy open back? Lynn truly has it all, and yet it’s still a perfect match for your micro-wedding. She is sweet and won’t overwhelm the other wedding elements.

LA22102 Hailey: This gown is simply stunning. A romantic sweetheart neckline, short train, and a sheath silhouette sure to show off any bride’s curves! This is the perfect dress to show off your sex appeal in a subtle way.

A wedding dress should never be overlooked, especially during a small wedding; that’s your chance to put a focus on the essential elements of your big day. For more details encompassed in a small wedding, check out The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings.

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