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Wedding Flower Trends 2022

Wedding Flower Trends in 2022

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It’s not a secret that 2022 is the year of weddings! And it seems they are more personalized, joyful, and all about connecting with family and friends. From wedding dress shopping and cake tastings to wedding flowers and stationery, every wedding detail makes a wedding truly memorable for the couple and their wedding guests. You probably have a lot of ideas sourced from Pinterest or Instagram. However, with so many trends coming and going, it may be hard to know what flowers you should include at your wedding.


So, if you’re planning your wedding this year, some of these flower trends might just be the inspiration you’re looking for!

Unique Textures

Wedding Flower Trends 2022

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In 2022 we’re expecting couples to get more creative with textures in their wedding bouquets and flower arrangements. From pampas grass and dried flowers to rattan and ferns, newly engaged couples are looking to combine different blooms and greenery with textural elements to create lush wedding bouquets. Think wild arrangements, textured blooms, various sizes and shapes of different flowers, and greenery. Unique textures will look beautiful not only in the wedding bouquets but also in boutonnieres, bridesmaids bouquets, and floral decor.

Vibrant and Bold

While pastel and muted flowers will always be a classic, color is here to stay! More and more couples are choosing bolder colors for their wedding flowers and deciding to go beyond traditional whites and neutrals. Whether it’s a pop of color or different hues of the same color, these blooms will definitely grab everyone’s attention. Expect to see dramatic hues such as bright purples, oranges, yellows, pinks, and reds throughout 2022. 

Cascading Bouquets

The cascading and semi-cascading bouquets will be one of 2022’s most popular bouquet options. A whimsical and playful cascading bouquet will take on an updated look with more exotic and statement blooms. Think orchids, jasmine, lilacs, amaranthus, anthuriums, rhododendron, and sarracenia. 2022 cascading bouquets are bigger and more romantic and elegant than ever. However, keep in mind that these bouquets are really HEAVY compared to other wedding bouquets.

Dramatic Floral Installations

Dramatic over-the-top florals are in and therefore you will see them showing up everywhere throughout the ceremony and reception! And it’s no wonder that after lockdowns, postponements, and lack of vendor availability, couples want to go all out for their weddings. Thus expect lush floral arches, epic backdrops, creative wedding aisles, and large flower ceremony installations to be the focus of 2022 weddings. 


Wedding Flower Trends 2022

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Veri Peri Wedding Bouquets

We cannot wait to see all the wedding bouquets and floral arrangements with Pantone Color Of The Year – Veri Peri. This mix of lavender, blue, and periwinkle brings a touch of vibrance, dreaminess, and also “something blue” to your wedding bouquet and flower arrangements. Veri Peri can be easily paired with other colors such as blush, beige, green, and any other pastels. Want to go even bolder? Then, pair Veri Peri with deep blues, oranges, and yellows.

Sustainable Sourcing

2022 couples are opting to be more “green” with their flowers and seek sustainable ways to organize weddings without sacrificing attention to details. Florists are starting to eliminate the use of flower foam creating floral arrangements that are more sustainable and recycling blooms whenever possible. Brides and grooms are also opting for locally-grown blooms, seasonal flowers, and greenery. Dried flowers and flower alternatives are rising in popularity too with more couples looking to reuse their wedding details and minimize waste.

Mismatching Color Palette

Looking for something unique in 2022? Try to mix and match colors that wouldn’t traditionally go together. Modern couples are choosing unexpected color combinations to modernize their wedding blooms and floral decor. Think oranges and blues, emerald greens and berries, violets and yellows, peaches and dark purples. Your options are endless!


We’re excited to see how you will incorporate these wedding bouquet and flower arrangements ideas in your 2022 weddings. Head on over to our Top Wedding Trends of 2022 Guide for more unique ideas for your big day!


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