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Wedding Speeches: DO-S And DON’T-S

Wedding is one of the most important days of life not only just for the couple, but also for their family and friends. A wedding is not complete without a beautiful wedding dress and of course those people who are with the couple from the start until they exchange vows to each other. Family and friends of the bride and groom are witnesses to the couple’s love story. For sure, a lot of stories would come out of them

Most of the families and that are present in the wedding location until the reception program. Couples do expect them because they are the ones to make the wedding ceremony more lovely and the reception program more fun. But there are people who aren’t able to attend the wedding ceremony but always make a way to attend the reception program or to let the couple and guests feel their presence.

The reception program is done after the wedding ceremony. The couple, together with their wedding organizers, prepare fun and exciting program for their guests. Since most of the guests are the closest ones of the couple, there is always the part where they will be giving their speech and message to the newly-wedded couple. There are people who prefer it to be on-the-spot, or maybe a prepared one. Those people who are away from the couple and can’t make it to their reception ceremony can also send videos of their message.

In this way, the couple could feel their love more and the other guests would get to know more about the couple. Parents of the bride and groom, the maid of honor, and the best man, members of the principal sponsors, and the wedding entourage are the ones who often choose to give a message. But other guests could also be selected to give their message. It is important to know the things that should and that should not do and say when giving wedding speeches.

Do-s when giving wedding speeches

  • Greet the couple and guests at the start of your speech

This is the most important part of a wedding speech not only to catch their attention but also as a form of respect. It can be as simple and as common as those greetings that are always used. Or the person giving the speech can be as creative as he wants as long as it will show respect and catch everyone’s attention.

  • Share happy memories experienced with one of the couple or both of them

Surely there are a lot of happy moments that a friend or a family member can share. This may bring fun and laughter not only to the couple but also to the other guests. As the couple goes back to the time when the story is happening, it can also give them the feels that can cause happiness. This can also lighten up the mood and prevents the audience from getting bored.

  • Share stories that have a moral that can give life lessons

It is important to share stories not only to have fun but also to give life lessons to the couple so that they can learn from it. Since they are just starting a new married life, most of those who are married for a long time, give advice to the couple that can help them to strengthen the couple’s relationship. There can also be stories that have general life lessons that the couple and the guests can learn from.

  • Include jokes, sarcasm, or other fun things

This can help in bringing fun and setting an alight mood in the program. It can also give entertainment to the couple and to the guests. But those who give the speech should always be mindful about their jokes because some people are sensitive. It should always be pure fun and relatable for everyone.

Don’t-s when giving wedding speeches

  • Let the mood be dull

When a speech becomes dull, other guests tend to become bored and do other things to distract themselves. It is important that not only the couple is interested in the speech, but also the other guests so that your speech won’t be a waste of effort. And if the speech is not dull, it can help to lighten up the mood of the program.

  • Include secrets or confidential events from the past

There are secrets that only the both of you should know. Since a wedding message is a public message, it should not include secrets and it is better to have a private talk with the bride or groom about it. There are also confidential events that the bride or groom doesn’t want the public to know, so it is better to keep that memory in yourself.

  • Give messages that can make the mood uncomfortable

A wedding reception program mood must always be lively, fun, and lovely. If a message seems to be uncomfortable to everyone, there is a tendency that the overall mood of the program will change. Uncomfortable messages can also ruin the happiness of the couple because they are not expecting those kinds of messages.

  • Make a long speech that would take a lot of time

Some people tend to be bored when the speech is too long. It is important to always be straight to the point and to be brief in explaining when giving speeches. Because it is more interesting to listen to a short speech that is meaningful rather than a long speech that has few ideas.

While there are different ways of giving wedding speeches, the most important mindset when giving a speech is that the speech should always come from the heart. It is not just a simple or ordinary speech, it is a speech that the couple can treasure for the rest of their lives. A speech can also be a way of showing love for the newly-wedded couple. So it is important to always be mindful of the things to include in the speech.

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