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What Makes Wedding Dresses So Expensive?


A wedding marks the beginning of the rest of your life. A life that you will share with that significant someone. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a small budget or you’re going all out, the fact is one of the most highly ticketed items in your wedding planning checklist is going to be your wedding dress. Wedding attire for both the bride and the groom usually accounts for 10% of the overall budget, and we all know no matter what the groom is wearing, all eyes will be on you. The price for a wedding dress can go anywhere from $500 to over $30,000 for certain designer labels. “But why?” You might ask. A wedding dress is something you’ll only wear once in your life, and for merely a few hours. It’s a piece of garment that holds a strong emotional value for what it represents, the beginning of a wonderful life together. In the financial side of things, there are some factors that make some wedding dresses more expensive than others, and it all comes down to quality.



The higher the cost of the materials, the higher the price of the dress. Most wedding dress designers opt for high quality lace, silk, satin, organza, tulle, chiffon, brocade. The fabric they use to make their dresses is usually sourced from countries where its manufacturing is of premier standard: Chantilly and Alençon lace from France, silk from China and India, Italian and French tulle. If designers ever find themselves using synthetic materials such as polyester, it’s because it helps keep the structure of the gown in place and creates the desired draping effect. The more sophisticated, refined and delicate the materials, the more valuable and timeless your wedding gown will be.


The more intricate the detailing of your wedding dress, the more hours of craftsmanship will be involved. While a dress purchased off the rack or online is usually manufactured in a clothing factory, some of the top designer labels prefer having things done by hand in order to ensure the bride-to-be is getting her money’s worth. The embellishments and beadwork, found in dresses such as Cecilia 120129, will be often hand-stitched or sewn with a machine. It’s all about ensuring your wedding dress will be picture ready for years to come.


Some wedding dress designers, the ones whose names keep dropping in romantic comedies and worn by celebrities, usually come at a very high price. They are not household names for nothing. That being said, if you’re interested in purchasing a wedding dress from them, just be mindful that their prices usually start at $15,000 mark.


When looking at the price tag of a wedding dress, it’s important not to get carried away with first impressions. A wedding dress needs to be fitted to her bride’s body. We are blessed to come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no mannequin standard as to the proportion of our curves or the length of our bodies. Keep in mind that you will be spending between $250-$700 in making your dress fit you like a glove, and the end result will be absolutely stunning. It’s worth investing in a good tailor. Usually the bridal store you purchase your gown from will be able to either provide the service in house or be able to expertly recommend you the best tailors they’ve worked with.


Rush fees

All of the craftsmanship, measurements, alterations, and hours of work that go into making your perfect wedding dress take time. Leaving it until 6 months of the wedding date or less, usually comes with the added cost of rush fees. Perfection and beauty take time, so if you don’t to pay an extra couple of hundred dollars, we suggest stick to the tried and true 9-12-month period when ordering your dress.

As you can see, making the wedding dress of your dreams requires time and care, and with that comes the hefty price tag. Consider your wedding dress an investment. The less you spend on it, the less likely it is to stand the test of time. You want to be able to show your beautiful wedding dress to your kids when they’re older or perhaps watch your daughter walk down the aisle in it. No matter how much money you spend on it or what you want to do with it after your wedding, make sure that the dress you purchase is the one for you. The one you’ll look stunning in and ready to tie the knot with the love of your life.


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