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Backyard Wedding

How to Plan the Perfectly Intimate Backyard Wedding

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Welcome to your ultimate (and intimate) backyard wedding, and congratulations on your engagement! It is such a great pleasure to be one piece of the puzzle in creating your perfect wedding. We can’t wait to hear how exciting it was, how beautiful you looked in your wedding dress, and about your favorite memory!


Today we’re planning a wedding, more specifically, a backyard wedding! How to Plan the Perfectly Intimate Backyard Wedding? Now, you may be here because you’re that couple that:


– Enjoys the beautiful outdoors

– Wants to plan a sentimental and intimate event

– Looks to have your dream wedding at the lowest cost


Of course each situation being equally acceptable reasons, and we’re here for it! So, let’s jump in.


If you’re on the fence about whether to have a backyard wedding, we’ll certainly give you some of the benefits that come with it:


– No one will tell you to leave your pets at home (we hope)

– The most flexible dates available (clearly, whenever you’re free – have a wedding)

– A short guestlist automatically means an intimate wedding

– So many ways to make things sentimental (memories galore)

– It will likely be kid-friendly (if required)

– Logistically, it’s pretty simple to put together

– Did we mention you cut a lot of costs (aka. very affordable)



Backyard Wedding

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First thing’s first, let’s finalize that guestlist of yours! You’ll need to take into consideration the space available. Thus, ask yourselves the following questions:


– What is intimate, for you? How many people do you want to invite?

– How many seats can you accommodate in your space?

– Will the event move indoors afterward? If so, does that affect your numbers?


Therefore, these are the questions that will help to define your guest list and the possibilities of your wedding.


Tent or no tent, that is the question! Once you’ve established your guest list, you can decide whether or not to use a tent. Incorporating a tent structure at your wedding is a great way to provide shade from any unplanned weather or scorching hot sun. It also works great to tie together the atmosphere of your wedding – a bonus.


One central element that you may not have thought of is how you will be powering your backyard wedding — planning to have a DJ, elaborate lighting, and perhaps food prep stations? Your home may not be capable of providing all of this energy. So, the best solution is to rent a generator (or two).


Using generators will ensure:


– Each of your vendors has the right amount of energy necessary

– You won’t blow a fuse

– Neighbours will be grateful that you haven’t caused a neighborhood-wide blackout!


The first thing you’ll want to do is discuss and see what amount of energy each vendor requires; this will help generator companies provide you with the best option possible.

Permits and Insurance

With Planning the Perfectly Intimate Backyard Wedding, you may not think any permits are necessary. Still, it’s best to double-check when considering your vendors’ involvement and the potential for health code violations, noise complaints, and breaking fire codes. Therefore, you need to verify what each vendor will be bringing to the event and look into your city’s guidelines to see if you’ll need to file for specific permits.

Another area you’ll want to cover is insurance. We know, who wants to be thinking about insurance when it comes to a wedding? But better safe than sorry when it comes to the well-being of both your home and your guests. Your vendors will probably have their own insurance. Still, you should also contact your home insurance company in case of damage.

Backyard Wedding

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While it’s not absolutely necessary, incorporating outdoor washroom facilities could possibly be your favorite addition to your wedding. Think about it…


– You won’t have your guests constantly in and out of your home

– There won’t be lines waiting for the bathroom

– If there’s only one washroom in your home – you won’t need to clean up and prepare it for your guests (since all of your wedding day prep items may still be in there)


Outdoor facilities for your wedding don’t have to be seen as outhouses! Lucky for you, some companies specialize in upscale outdoor bathroom experiences, a perfect fit for your wedding!


While your guest list may be minimal, there’s still the possibility of not having enough parking space. The first option would be to opt for street parking, it’s the easiest, and it’s free! First, you’ll want to look into the street parking regulations for your neighborhood, paying close attention to the time of day and the day of the week! If this is not an option, a second helpful (but pricier) option would be hiring a valet service. Get the cars to a nearby lot and remind guests not to leave valuables in their vehicles – fancy and easy.

Bonus Tips:

– Place your ceremony against a lovely backdrop (large trees or your home)

– Plan photos before your ceremony so there isn’t any lag time between events

– Keep in mind lighting, a blazing sun means harsh lights and hot guests

– Consider extra lighting if your party is going to last all night

– Don’t forget yard maintenance, cut the grass and plant flowers (consider a landscaper)


For this reason, here’s a list of all the rentals you’ll need and more for you to think about:


– Chairs (ceremony & reception)

– Décor (backdrops, tabletop centerpieces, place settings, linens, overhead)

– Tent

– Tables (dining, cocktail, serving, dessert, gifts)

– Bar

– Dance floor

– Lighting

– Photobooth

– Food prep and food storage

– Generators

– Washrooms

– Waste bins


While this may sound like a lot, every wedding is different! Which means you have the privilege of customizing your event to your liking and Plan the Perfectly Intimate Backyard Wedding. Before walking down the aisle, go through the list with your partner and see what’s most important to you – feel free to cross a few items off the list – as it will help save on time and costs (and stress). You got this! For more tips on planning small intimate weddings visit our post named The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings! We can’t wait to see all the beautiful photos to come. Best of luck and happy planning!


Header Image Credit: @candccaptures

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