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small wedding types

Which Type of Small Wedding is Right for You?

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Congratulations! You are engaged! And your only mood at the moment is pure excitement, and that it should be. We want to help you sort through all of the questions going on in your head right now. And one of the first things you’ll want to decide (yes, before thinking about your wedding dress) is what kind of wedding you and your partner want to experience. If you’re here – you’re probably leaning towards a smaller ceremony. So, let’s jump into any information that may help you figure out if smaller is better and Which Type of Small Wedding is Right for You?

small wedding types

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The Micro Wedding

A micro wedding includes the best of all worlds when it comes to wedding sizes. Its smaller guest list allows for more focus on details and connecting with your partner and guests. However, it still has all of the traditional large wedding elements. You would invite up to 50 guests for a micro wedding, including immediate family members and friends that are near and dear to you.

Many couples who opt for a micro wedding have the opportunity to use just a portion of their budget, which ends up being a huge benefit. Instead of keeping the savings, you can take this extra money to make the wedding even more personalized and accessible to guests. Consider using these additional funds to provide hotel accommodations for your wedding party (or all your guests if the budget allows it). You can also turn your dinner into a five-course meal, or treat yourself to a designer wedding dress (because you deserve it).

Your micro wedding can resemble an occasion that is a cross between a traditional large wedding and an elopement! It is the perfect choice for a couple that’s looking to celebrate their union with a lot of details but on a much smaller budget.

The Minimony

A Minimony is a very intimate ceremony that only includes up to 10 people. If you’re unable to hold the wedding you planned – for whatever reason – minimonies offer the perfect solution. What’s great about this small wedding type is that you can keep the same wedding date for sentimental reasons or any legal reasons that require you to be married. Then follow up with your initially planned wedding, but at a later date. Minimonies allow you to lower your budget significantly and focus on the experience. A smaller cake and a simpler dress are perfectly fitting! Moreover, you should be able to feel the love in the air during a minimony truly.

The Elopement

Another type of small wedding actually calls for only a loving couple and an officiant, known as an elopement. Traditionally, couples who eloped did so with a hint of secrecy and spontaneity. Sometimes, there was even a sense of forbidden love or love that couldn’t be ignored any longer. Today, the reason for eloping can be as simple as keeping the moment precious to the two of you. Plus, ensuring your wedding is exactly how you and your partner imagined it.

You’re the type of couple that feels pressure to meet others’ expectations on your wedding (that don’t align with your wishes)? Then, eloping may be the right choice for you. Those who choose to elope nowadays can do so with an incredible amount of planning. Make your day special by selecting a spectacular venue such as mountain tops, caves, or waterfalls. You can also opt for a significant spot such as a romantic boat ride or someone’s childhood treehouse where you shared your first kiss. When it comes to eloping, the options are endless! Thus it’s all up to you and your partner! Unbelievably romantic, unbelievably you, and most importantly, unbelievably affordable in comparison to other wedding types.

There are numerous reasons why couples opt for a smaller wedding! What’s great is that they establish more freedom. They also don’t have to feel as though they’re compromising on their big wedding dreams. We hope this information on smaller weddings has provided you with some options from which to choose. For more details to help you decide, visit The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings.


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