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Why One-Tier Wedding Cakes are the Best Option for Your Small Wedding

Weddings are beautiful, momentous occasions, but there are a few things to consider for those planning their big day on a smaller scale. Holding a small wedding means decreasing the guestlist, possibly downplaying the décor, and maybe simplifying the wedding dress, but ever think about downsizing the wedding cake? We’ll let you know why it’s the best decision that could ever be made.

First, let’s discuss some ongoing traditions that are centered around the wedding cake.

  1. Cutting the Cake

For every wedding that has a cake, there is an opportunity for a cake cutting, and it is typically well documented for future photo albums. Although it used to be that only the bride would cut the cake to symbolize the loss of her virginity, today, many couples cut the cake together, highlighting their first activity being done as a married couple.

  1. I Feed You, and You Feed Me

Once the cake is cut, couples will then feed one another a slice or fork full of cake, which often turns into a type of food-meet-face art if you catch our drift – lovingly, of course. The act of feeding one another is a tradition that symbolizes one’s commitment to providing for the other. On the other hand, ‘cake smashing’ is a tradition all on its own that some couples choose to omit from their festivities (rightfully so).

  1. Save a Tier

Some couples follow the tradition where they save the top tier of their cake. Typically, the top level is put kept in the freezer until the first anniversary, at which point they will relive their special wedding day, celebrate one year of marriage and while they’re at it, enjoy some wedding cake.

By the looks of it, a smaller cake might mean you’d have to forego the anniversary tier, but that’s a small price to pay, and here’s why:

Opting for a smaller cake means you will save big bucks in the food and beverage budget – wedding cakes can cost a lot, and the bigger they are, the pricier they get. If you have a small group of people, 20 guests or less, a small cake makes it less likely to waste your delicious dessert.

Consider this, were you thinking of getting married in an unusual location? Lucky for you, there is no need for concerns over whether this masterpiece will topple over on your hike up the mountains because a simple 1-tiered cake makes for the most effortless transportation.

Now, we understand that the wedding cake is typically seen as a work of art, and at many weddings acts as a centerpiece during the reception party; but who says one-tiered cakes can’t do the same? A smaller cake can easily still be an elegant work of art for everyone to feast their eyes and tastebuds upon. Its smaller size allows for a classic appearance to match the small wedding atmosphere, but if you want your one-tiered cake to be lavish and extravagant, nobody is going to stop you!

Small weddings are all about customization, from the dress worn to the cake served. For more information on making your small wedding special and unique for you and your partner, read The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings.


Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy

Photo by Brent Keane

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