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Why Wearing Two Wedding Dresses Is A Pretty Good Idea


best wedding dresses

Calla Blanche 19246 Sophia @roamingwildphotography_

We’ve all seen pictures of celebrities tying the knot. If there’s one thing they all have in common, other than the fact that they spend millions of dollars in their lavish ceremonies, is that the bride usually wears multiple wedding dresses. They might come across as a little extra, they might have contracts with the designers that demand they wear more than one spectacular gown, but if you think about it, it’s actually very practical. The thought of changing from a gorgeous ballgown into a lighter weight dress that will give you the freedom to sway on the dance floor is very smart. And the best part is you’ll look fabulous twice.

Following in the footsteps of global trendsetters and other fellow fabulous brides also gives you the opportunity to wear two completely different styles. If you want to wear a contemporary dress for the reception but prefer something a little more traditional for the ceremony, you won’t have to compromise and settle for just one dress.

Not only is style one of the main reasons for wearing multiple wedding dresses on your big day. Perhaps your ceremony takes place indoors while the reception is celebrated outdoors in a beautiful garden. Perhaps you want to stay nice and warm during the ceremony in a long sleeve dress, but you know you’ll be dancing the night away and you want to wear something a little sexier.

Comfort is another big factor that influences this decision. Wearing a tight corseted dress for long periods of time can get tiring. So can the added weight of that long, jaw-dropping train. Neither one of those features gives you the freedom to walk around the venue greeting all your guests, and it can certainly make dancing more of a chore than a pleasure. Have you thought about the beading work on your wedding dress? The chances of it getting caught up or tangled in the sequin of one your bridesmaids’ dresses or in your own hair might be a cause for concern.

The motivations behind this trend are endless, but one thing is for sure. When it comes to multiple wedding dresses, you have two options:

best wedding dresses

Calla Blanche 19246 Sophia @roamingwildphotography_

One dress, multiple looks

If you feel like wearing two dresses on your wedding day but don’t want to spend twice as much money, some fabulous wedding dress designers have come up with a smart solution to your dilemma. You have the option of purchasing the matching skirt, jacket or cape to your beautiful wedding dress. A couple of examples can be found in the collections of Calla Blanche and L’amour by Calla Blanche. Our stunning Hannah 18246 has both a matching jacket and skirt, that can be removed for the most glamorous portion of the festivities. If you love a lace wedding dress that can be both conservative for exchanging vows, while wearing the cape, and a stunning strapless for when the time comes to celebrate, Piper LA20105 is the perfect dress for you.

Two dresses

If you’ve already set your mind on your perfect wedding dress and it’s a gorgeous princess ball gown like Calypso LA20120, but know deep in your heart that you want something sexier for the reception, Suree LA9132 is the perfect little white wedding dress for you.

Wearing multiple wedding dresses gives you the opportunity to showcase your beautiful multifaceted personality on your own terms. You’re saying “yes” to the dress once, who’s to say you can’t say it twice?

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