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You Still Need a Pandemic Friendly Wedding Plan B

While we love to help our brides find their dream wedding dress and happily plan their dream wedding, sometimes life happens, and plans change. So today, we’re here to offer up some encouraging words to our couples who are likely going through it and some tips on what to do if Covid rears its head and tries to hinder your wedding plans. We are going to get through this together with a backup plan so stick around!


What would a Wedding Plan B caused by the pandemic look like? Well, you probably have to develop a plan B because guidelines are constantly changing, or your country is facing higher cases or more extreme variants that are now creating some concern. We want you to know, you’re not alone; the whole wedding industry is sitting right there with you in this whirlwind of changes with guidelines, and trust us when we say it is a roller coaster of emotions for everyone! So, rest assured there is someone in your corner (everything is not working against you, even though it may seem that way).


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If you’re reading this article, you likely have entirely finished planning your wedding, and everything is paid in full, or you’re almost there! This is definitely a challenging situation to be in, and we’re not going to sugar coat that as some tough decisions need to be made.


What can you do from this point? Our number one suggestion is to postpone your wedding. Since we are in such an uncertain time right now, we don’t recommend rescheduling to a new date just yet! Instead, we advise you to focus on the now!


Many couples have chosen their wedding date specifically because it holds significance to them. If this is the case for you, we recommend having a smaller, more intimate ceremony on this date. You can keep things private with just the two of you, or there is still the possibility of having ten close guests that you couldn’t see doing this day without. 


Not sure how you feel about wearing your wedding dress for your intimate ceremony? (While we’ll always be advocates for finding any reason to wear your Calla Blanche gown more than once, you don’t have to!) Dress casually for the intimate affair and keep your dream gown a secret till later down the road.


Let’s talk about ‘later down the road,’ though, shall we? Since everything’s been booked and paid for, you are practically set to just walk right into your wedding on a future date of your choice, right? Unfortunately, no. While all of your vendors may have been available for your initially selected date, they are separate businesses with different schedules and clients. It’s crucial to recognize that your future date chosen may only be an option for three out of five of your vendors. In this case, it’ll take a really intense balancing act to find a suitable date where they’re all available, or you’ll have to make the tough decision to find a new vendor. You can make this decision based on which vendor is the most important to you. If you’ve found the most perfect fitting venue that can’t be replaced, then make sure you find a date that works for them and plan your other vendors accordingly.  


With the vendors covered, don’t forget to update your guests! While you may not have a specific date pinned down, letting them know things will be postponed and that you’ll keep them updated is proper etiquette. If these changes are very last minute, don’t be worried about crafting up and ordering new save the dates or postponed letters. It’s perfectly okay to send texts, emails, and messages through various social media platforms (just make sure you get verification that you’ve been received loud and clear).


These are truly trying times, and guests will completely understand the need to reschedule; some may even be relieved that they can remain home where they feel safest. Vendors are also very understanding of the situation that we are going through on a global level, so they will likely have a little more wiggle room regarding their policies; to be safe, reach out and have that conversation, so you know what options you have!


best wedding dresses

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A few last words for you brides-to-be. If the pandemic tries to interfere again, you’ll have some comfort knowing everything won’t fall apart, and you have actionable steps to take to keep moving forward! Remember that you’re not in this alone, and you can reach out to family and friends who are also there to support you along the way. Even though your vendors may be just as lost as you when it comes to certain things, they are there to help in any way that they can! Don’t let these changing plans bring you down, as sometimes change can bring on even better experiences! Keep a positive outlook and enjoy some extra intimate time between you and hubby! The engagement stage can go by very quickly and encompass lots of stressful planning; with that out of the way, all that’s left to do is enjoy each other as you’re meant to!


For more tips on how to plan your small intimate wedding, visit our post The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings, and be on top of your small wedding plans!


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